CM4xx Mixed-Signal Control Processors: Manuals

The ADSP-CM4xx Mixed-Signal Control Processor Manuals page lists all of all the available ADSP-CM4xx Processor Product support collateral, including hardware references and evaluation platform manuals. These manuals enable ADSP-CM4xx users to install, evaluate, and test ADSP-CM4xx processors in their end designs.

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Processor Manuals

Manuals  Errata 
ADSP-CM40x Mixed-Signal Control Processor with ARM Cortex-M4 Hardware Reference (Revision 0.2, September 2013) (pdf)

Evaluation Kit Manuals

Manuals  Errata 
ADSP-CM403F EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Manual (Revision 1.0, September 2013) (pdf)

ADSP-CM408F EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System Manual (Revision 1.1, September 2013) (pdf)

Analog 120-Pin Probing Manual (Revision 1.0, September 2013) (pdf)

PWM 180-Pin Probing Board Manual (Revision 1.0, September 2013) (pdf)