Analog Semiconductor Components

Today, high-performance analog products comprise approximately 80% of our current revenues and our high-performance analog products often differentiate a customer's overall system performance. High-performance analog products that provide 12+ bits of resolution and 50+ MHz of bandwidth are enabling the world's fastest-growing applications in the communications, computer, consumer and industrial markets and ADI has a commanding lead and the very best brand in this product area.

ADI's analog business has been growing at above-market rates. One of the factors driving ADI’s growth is increasing integration, or putting more and more analog and mixed-signal functionality on a single chip. Another important factor is that the product categories in which we are the strongest are also those that are most critical to overall system performance.

The single most important product category in the high-performance analog market is data converters - the products that allow real-world analog signals, such as voice and video, to be processed digitally. Converter revenues now comprise over 30% of ADI's total revenues and ADI is the clear market leader with over 40% market share, more than twice that of our nearest competitor.

High-performance amplifiers are the next-largest product category in our analog product portfolio and the overall analog market. Amplifier sales now account for approximately 20% of ADI's total revenues and our market share in this very important product category has continued to increase. In the high-precision segment of the amplifier market, we have reached a market-leading 40%, well ahead of all other competitors.

The same high-performance analog expertise that built this franchise is also now being applied to emerging areas of opportunity. RF signal processing for wireless is a good example. At its annual awards ceremony in March, 2002, the industry's leading design publication, EDN, awarded ADI "Innovation of the Year" for analog ICs. The award seeks, by vote of its design engineering readers, to "find, recognize and promote the products that rock the engineering world." We earned this award for our innovative AD8302 RF IC for base stations.

Analog Product Groups Precision Analog Products

Located in a brand new San Jose, California campus in the heart of the famed Silicon Valley, our Precision Analog Products (PRA) group dominates the world market for precision amplifiers and linear control circuits for optical and wireless transmission equipment, industrial measurement and control systems, flat panel displays, automated test equipment, electronic and analytic instruments, medical diagnostic and treatment equipment, robotics, and many other real world applications that require high levels of accuracy and performance. ADI's precision amplifiers and control circuits can be found in portable defibrillators, PDAs and laptop computers, MRI and CT scanners, space vehicles, broadband network switches, cellular radio base-stations, sonar and radar systems and in specialized scientific instruments.

Advanced Linear Products

ALP designs and develops innovative high-performance sub-system linear components in the signal chains of wireless communication, computer peripherals, video, telecommunications, and industrial and instrumentation equipment. We partner closely with the top manufacturers in emerging technologies that include CD, DVD, DTV, HDTV and micro display, high speed amplification, power supply monitors, ultrasound, cellular base-stations, automotive instrumentation, and radio frequency (RF) components and detection devices. ALP is located in Wilmington, Massachusetts, just outside Boston.

High Speed Converters

HSC provides high-speed data converters and integrated signal processing solutions based on our industry-leading architectures and mixed-signal design expertise. We have the #1 market share for data converters and continually set the benchmark for converter speed and performance. Our markets include wired and wireless communications, imaging, medical instrumentation, flat panel displays, and military systems.

Precision Converters

PRC, with design centers in Wilmington and Limerick, Ireland, designs and develops high-performance mixed-signal (i.e. analog and digital combined) data converter integrated circuits. The areas served include digital-audio, power-conversion, data-acquisition, and medical markets. High-resolution data conversion is the main focus of the organization. Products that use our devices include DVD and CD players (digital audio), CT scanners (medical), and residential electrical meters (power-conversion).

High Speed Networking

Located on our Wilmington campus and in Limerick, Ireland, HSN is building on a previously developed family of high speed fiber optic ICs by preparing products for markets such as clock and data recovery devices, limiting amplifiers, serializer/deserializer components, transceivers and laser diode drivers with data rates from 622Mbps to 10Gbps. Applications for this technology include WDM (wavelength division multiplexing), synchronous optical network receivers (SONET/SDH), gigabit ethernet, and data networking. These products will contribute significantly to expanded bandwidth, permitting the simultaneous transmission of diversified signals including voice, data, and video over fiber optic networks.

Power Management

Whether the product is plugged into the wall or runs on batteries, every electronic device requires some form of power management, which can include low-dropout regulators (LDOs), dc/dc converters, battery chargers, charge pumps, and regulators. By leveraging our leading analog/mixed-signal technology, ADI has become a leading innovator of high-performance power management ICs such as devices for wireless communications, desktop PCs, notebooks, and handheld PCs. The power management group has expertise that brings a competitive edge to the market, allowing ADI to provide total solution optimization, ease-of-use, and cost-effectiveness. The power management group is located in our San Jose facility.