ADV202 Technical Documentation

Before using the ADV202, read the following Application Notes:

AN-790: How to use the ADV202 (pdf) gives a brief discussion of the following:

  • Is the ADV202 the correct device for my application?
  • Functional description and data flow
  • Interface requirements and interface modes
  • Input format requirements and limitations

AN-799 Test Modes, (pdf) - describes simple test procedures to verify that the ADV202 is correctly configured and is operational.

ADV202 PCN and Errata sheets

ADV202 Reference Information

ADV202 datasheet
Timing, electrical and mechanical specifications of the ADV202

ADV202 User's Guide
A reference guide for the ADV202 that includes detailed register and bit descriptions. This document should be used in conjunction with the Programming Guide and datasheet.

ADV202 Programming Guide
A reference guide for programming the ADV202 that includes the following:

  • Detailed configuration instructions for implementing specific applications by describing the procedures necessary for programming the ADV202.
  • Description of the JPEG2000 parameters required to configure the ADV202.

This document should be used in conjunction with the User's Guide and the datasheet.

Application Notes and TechNotes

Multi-chip Applications
Application notes for using multiple ADV202s. These notes contain samples codes and recommended methods for merging Y and CbCr streams during the encoding process.

HIPI Mode and Still Image Applications
This application note is an introduction to HIPI [Host Interface - Pixel Interface] mode, which is generally used in still image applications. This document includes configuration procedures as well as code examples.

Output formats and Attribute Data format
This document contains information about the ADV202's compressed output data format that are programmed with the encode parameter COD_STYLE and the Attribute data formats that are programmed with the encode parameter ATTRTYPE. It contains also a detailed description of the ADV202 generated header.

ADV202 Firmware

Latest ADV202 firmware can be downloaded from this location. The ADV202 requires encode or decode firmware to be downloaded onto the on-chip memory to initiate compression or decompression. Both encode and decode firmware is periodically updated with new features and improvements to increase functionality, though older versions of the firmware can be used in applications.

General JPEG2000 and ADV202 information

ADV202 JPEG2000 Information