1. Data Sheet Errata
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Documentation Errata for ADSP-2185: 16-bit, 33 MIPS, 5 v, 2 Serial Ports, Host Port, 80 KB RAM Data Sheet

Chapter: N/A / Page 6

Doc ID: DOC-438


In Figure 2 (Basic System Configuration), the upper part of the diagram should be labeled Full Memory Mode (instead of Host Memory Mode).

Chapter: N/A / Page 28

Doc ID: DOC-448


In the 100-Lead TQFP Package Pinout diagram (page 28) and TQFP Pin Configurations diagram (page 29), pins 37 through 40 don't show the multiplexed SPORT1 pin names. These pins should be changed to the following:

Pin Table
Pin#Pin Name

Last Update Date: May 8 2017