Documentation Errata for VisualDSP++® 5.0 Loader and Utilities Manual

Chapter: 6 / Page 7

Doc ID: DOC-1324


Processors operate with an interrupt vector table (IVT) located in internal memory block0 which is used to load and execute the kernel (256x48-bit words) located at the following address:

ADSP-2126x 0x80000 – 0x800FF

ADSP-2136x/2137x 0x90000 – 0x900FF

ADSP-214xx 0x8C000 – 0x8C0FF

The "-p address" switch specifies the offset from the PROM start address. This PROM start address corresponds to 0x80000 (ADSP-2126x processors) or to external bank MS1(0x4000000) for ADSP-2136x/2137x/214xx processors. The -p switch starts the boot-loadable file at the specified offset address in the EPROM. If the -p switch does not appear on the command line, the loader utility starts the EPROM file at offset address 0x0.

Last Update Date: May 8 2017