1. Data Sheet Errata
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Documentation Errata for ADSP-21065L: SHARC, 198 MFLOPS, 3.3v Data Sheet

Chapter: N/A / Page 1

Doc ID: DOC-434


In Figure 1 (Functional Block Diagram), the Sequencer and Cache should be connected to an input from the PM Data Bus (instead of the DM Data Bus) and should show an output to the PM Address Bus. (See the Functional Block Diagram in the ADSP-21060 data sheet.)

Chapter: N/A / Page 5

Doc ID: DOC-820


Insert the following section after the Additional Information section:

Related Signal Chains

A signal chain is a series of signal-conditioning electronic components that receive input (data acquired from sampling either real-time phenomena or from stored data) in tandem, with the output of one portion of the chain supplying input to the next. Signal chains are often used in signal processing applications to gather and process data or to apply system controls based on analysis of real-time phenomena. For more information about this term and related topics, see the "signal chain" entry in Wikipedia or the Glossary of EE Terms on the Analog Devices website.

Analog Devices eases signal processing system development by providing signal processing components that are designed to work together well. A tool for viewing relationships between specific applications and related components is available on the www.analog.com website.

The Application Signal Chains page in the Circuits from the Labtm site (http:\\www.analog.com\signalchains) provides:

  • Graphical circuit block diagram presentation of signal chains for a variety of circuit types and applications

  • Drill down links for components in each chain to selection guides and application information

  • Reference designs applying best practice design techniques

Chapter: N/A / Page 16

Doc ID: DOC-435


In the footnotes beneath the table (Memory Read—Bus Master), the Hold Time Cycle is indicated as equal to tCK. It is not. This footnote (on page 16, 17, 28, and others) should be corrected to H = tCK/2.

Chapter: N/A / Page 22

Doc ID: DOC-436


In footnote 1 beneath the table (Multiprocessor Bus Request and Host Bus Request), the note refers to the 2nd Edition of the ADSP-21065L User's Manual. At this time (May 2003), only the 1st edition of this manual is available.

Chapter: N/A / Page 44

Doc ID: DOC-437


The OUTLINE DIMENSIONS diagram for the 196-Ball Mini-BGA does not indicate how pin 1 is marked on the mini-bga package. The pin 1 indicators are:

--On the TOP side, pin 1 is indicated with a white dot in the upper left corner.

--On the BOTTOM side, pin 1 is indicated with a gold triangle in its corner.

Chapter: N/A / Page 44

Doc ID: DOC-579


In the outline dimensions figure, the remove following (or similarly worded) note:


Chapter: N/A / Page 44

Doc ID: DOC-607


Recommendations for solder mask opening and ball pad size are missing from the Outline dimensions figure. Add the following note:

Recommended solder mask opening is X.XXmm, recommended ball pad size is Y.YYmm.
The information for X.XX and Y.YY comes from the table at http://www.analog.com/processors/bgapackage.

Chapter: N/A / Page 44

Doc ID: DOC-1649


Per PDN# 07_0077, the following models are no longer available and must be removed from the Ordering Guide:
ADSP-21065LCS-240, ADSP-21065LKS-264


Per PDN# 15_0047, the following model is no longer available and must be removed from the Ordering Guide:

Last Update Date: May 8 2017