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The myAnalog menu puts you in control

Once logged in, the myAnalog menu displays your custom navigation. View categorized links to saved products, categories, markets, EngineerZone support forums and more. As you navigate the site, click the blue myAnalog button to save the page and it will appear in the myAnalog menu.

The myAnalog Dashboard button opens your account page. Here you can access your account settings, manage your category and market preferences, create your EngineerZone username, and view custom recommendations.

Product notifications made easy

Managing your product notifications (PCN/PDN) is now easier. On the product page, click on the blue myAnalog button. Next, save the product and turn on “notifications” inside the same panel. This will turn on notifications for every model of that product.

You can also manage product notifications at the model level. Click on “See all your products” from your myAnalog menu. Then click on any product’s color bar to open the notifications panel.

Organize and collaborate with myAnalog projects

myAnalog features project folders so you can organize important design information and share your project with others. Simply create a project and give it a name. You’ll find your project names available when saving any resource into myAnalog. Resources saved into projects will only display in those projects and not in your myAnalog menu.



Access your myAnalog Dashboard through your myAnalog menu.

From your dashboard you can manage your ADI account, review order and PCN statuses, create projects and so much more:

New myAnalog Experience

Find the latest ADI content curated for you

Scroll down your myAnalog Dashboard to find the most recently published resources on the site. myAnalog curates these resources by the categories and/or markets you have selected. You can manage your category and market preferences in the top right corner of your dashboard.

myAnalog Design Tools

View a recommended list of tools compatible with your saved products

Start saving products and check out applicable tools directly on your myAnalog Dashboard.

myAnalog eNewsletters

Subscribe to receive ADI eNewsletters that keep you informed

ADI's eNewsletters cover industry news, products, new design tools, education, training, and more.

myAnalog Parametric Search

Save your filtered parametric product lists and share them later

myAnalog lets you quickly save any PST table in any state of filtering for reference later or to add to a project. You can also name your uniquely filtered list and share with others.

myAnalog EngineerZone

Engage with ADI experts on EngineerZone

myAnalog is your access to ADI technology experts in our online community, EngineerZone®. Ask your tough design questions, browse our rich knowledge base, or read about new technologies on our blogs. First create your EngineerZone username on your myAnalog Dashboard.

New myAnalog Experience

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