iCoupler® Technology: An Alternative to Optocouplers

With more than half a billion channels shipped into the field, the iCoupler® digital isolation technology is a safe, reliable and easy-to-use alternative to optocouplers. These magnetically isolated products enable designers to implement isolation in designs without the cost, size, power, performance, and reliability constraints found with traditional isolation products.

To explore more advantages, visit the iCoupler Digital Isolators Resource Page.

 Isolation Design Comparison Chart
 Design Constraints
 Downside of Optocouplers
Upside of iCoupler
Digital Isolators 
Board Layout
Multiple components needed
Single component
Interface to Other Components
Complex application circuits for each instance
Standard TTL or CMOS
Power Supply
Increases need for more expensive power supplies
Power supply flexible to budget
Timing/Bandwidth Requirements
Pay for higher performing components OR can't meet requirements
Components flexible to meet requirements
Design considerations needed to account for Current Transfer Ratio (CTR)
No CTR; stable operation over temperature
System Cost
Lack of integrated features drives up system cost
Complete, integrated solutions limit overall BOM cost
iCoupler Digital Isolators Offer:
  • 4x improvement in date rate and timing specifications over optocouplers


  • Multiple isolation channels integrated with other functions reduces size and cost

Power Consumption

  • Operates at levels up to 90% lower than optocouplers

Ease of Use

  • Standard digital CMOS interfaces means no external components needed to connect to other digital devices


  • Eliminate LEDs used in optocouplers