The Story of Analog Garage

From the beginning, more than 50 years ago, Analog Devices has nurtured a culture of innovation and risk-taking. Just a few years after Analog Devices went public, the successful module maker gambled that integrated circuits would overtake discrete components by investing in semiconductor startup Nova Devices.

This willingness to take risks would prove to be essential in sustaining leadership for decades in the company’s core signal conditioning and conversion markets. Analog Devices invented and improved manufacturing technologies like bipolar process and laser trim technology to help ensure the highest-quality components. At the same time, it pushed yet again in an unexplored direction, and built the first CMOS converter.


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Over the years, Analog Devices would pivot again and again. The company moved into digital signal processing, which became popular as personal computers rushed to incorporate multimedia capabilities. As well, Analog Devices developed the first commercial MEMS accelerometers, which were used to make car airbags affordable and reliable. Today, ADI technology can be found in everything from factory equipment to activity trackers.

Analog Devices continues to be on the lookout for new ideas – both inside the company and out.

Enter the Analog Garage

At Analog Devices, we understand that the world is embarking on a period of great technological innovation. It is being sparked by an explosion of advanced cloud and analytic capabilities – capabilities that depend on a flood of sensor data from the analog world. Which means that innovators will need a place where they can grow their ideas.

That’s why we established the Analog Garage, to provide entrepreneurs with a path to propose, explore and scale new technologies and new business models. It’s called the Analog Garage for two reasons: to recognize the importance of analog know-how in these applications that are instrumenting the world; and to give a nod to all the garages, basements and other nondescript quarters that have served as home for countless beginnings in the history of technological innovation.

Through the Analog Garage, start-ups, universities, and even our own employees get the support they need to solve tough problems, collaborating in a learn fast, roll-up your sleeves and experiment environment.

Though the Analog Garage may be under one roof, it’s not all in one place. The Analog Garage has initiatives across the globe – all focused on the future.

Indeed, there’s so much to be discovered here at the intersection of analog and digital. And we’re excited to share some of that with you. Bookmark our landing page for updates on stories that capture the latest ideas and discoveries. We hope they’ll give you a glimpse of the advances that innovators like you are making possible through the Analog Garage.

More importantly, we hope they’ll inspire your inner inventor.

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