A pond shaped like a factory in the middle of a forest with technology icons overlaid.
A pond shaped like a factory in the middle of a forest with technology icons overlaid.
ADI at SPS 2022 ADI at SPS 2022

8-10 November
Exhibition Centre, Nuremberg, Germany
Hall 5, Booth 110

SPS smart production solutions 2022

Empower the Intelligent Edge for Smart and Sustainable Manufacturing

Join Analog Devices at Smart Production Solutions 2022 and discover how to increase productivity, enhance safety, and access intelligent insights at the edge - while building a sustainable, industrial future. SPS is the must-attend event where the engineering world gathers to discuss and discover the entire spectrum of smart and digital automation - from simple sensors to intelligent solutions, from what is feasible today to the vision of a fully digitalized, industrial world of tomorrow.

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Richard Anslow

Richard Anslow
System Applications Engineer – Industrial Automation

Intelligent Edge Sensor Design for Asset Health Monitoring

Date: Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Time: 10:35 AM – 10:55 AM

More than 38% of global energy is consumed by industry, and within industry 70% of electricity is consumed by electric motors. Ensuring the continued health and efficient utilization of motors using intelligent edge sensors will result in significant cost savings, longer equipment lifetimes, and improve factory sustainability.

In this session we will discuss the hardware, mechanical, and software design of a single pair ethernet (SPE) intelligent edge sensor. This sensor uses the widely adopted industrial IoT MQTT subscriber-broker approach to collect data from vibration sensors and enables customer to process and analyze data in their own cloud space. Hardware design for signal integrity in the design of a tiny, shared power over data lines (PoDL) interface for the SPE link is considered along with mechanical design and matching mechanical frequency response to MEMS sensor performance.

Michal Brychta

Michal Brychta
Principal System Applications Engineer – Factory Automation

Industrial Connectivity - what difference does it make?

Date: Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Time:12:35 PM – 12:55 PM

Digital transformation strategies require new rich datasets for advanced analytics, enabling the achievement of sustainable manufacturing goals. Seamless connectivity is the key to unlocking datasets in instruments, driving transition from on/off contacts and 4-to-20mA loops to IO-Link and Ethernet / APL. In this session we will discuss and compare these industrial communication technologies, where and how are they used, and look at them from various points of view - overall system architecture, speed, complexity, safety, and security.

Maurice O‘Brien

Maurice O‘Brien
Strategic Marketing Manager – Industrial Automation

Empowering the Intelligent Edge to Deliver more Sustainable Smart Manufacturing

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2022

Time: 11:35 AM – 11:55 AM

Sustainable, smart manufacturing is enabled by intelligent connected assets. This consumes less energy and enables more complex manufacturing, to drive higher levels of manufacturing productivity, flexibility, and sustainability. Consumer demand is driving a shift towards high mix, low volume manufacturing, which demands greater flexibility on the factory floor. Empowering the Intelligent Edge in smart manufacturing, with advanced sensing, edge-AI, and secure connectivity solutions, creates intelligent, connected assets that share data in real time. This data is used to improve operational performance, reduce energy consumption, and deliver agile production, down to a batch size of 1.

Preview Our Industrial Live Demonstrations

True Edge AI: Machine Vision on a Battery

Witness how the ADI AI microcontroller enables true machine vision to occur in small and power-constrained devices running from sources as small as a coin cell battery. This demo showcases how ADI’s small, low power, and proven artificial intelligence (AI) acceleration technology is enabling machines to see and hear like never before.

ADAM: A Complete Autonomous Mobile Robot Solution from ADI

Create safer working environments through improved sensing. Learn how an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) is deployed for optimal control and guidance, while identifying and avoiding obstacles. This demo showcases a complete AMR solution including key technology from ADI for high accuracy depth sensing, intelligent AI processing and mapping, optimized communications, and battery management and comes complete with supporting ROS software drivers enabling quicker time to market.

Digital Factory – Empowering Factory Floors by Unlocking the Intelligent Edge

See how ADI is enabling the complete digitalization of industrial automation by delivering actionable insights from Intelligent Edge Devices. Gather key measurement data and new insights from field instruments and factory sensors, by combining long reach 10BASE-T1L Ethernet & IO-Link® technology with software configurable I/Os.

ADI Trinamic Motion Control and Precision Current Sensing

Using precision sensing, signal conditioning, and control, this demo features an inverted pendulum application to showcase high-speed, high-performance motion control, featuring ADI Trinamic and ADI MagIC+ technology.

Wired Condition Monitoring of Industrial Assets for Extended Lifetime & Increased Productivity

See ADI’s complete wired vibration condition-based monitoring solution, where MEMS vibration technology and 10BASE-T1L single pair Ethernet connectivity combine to enable condition monitoring sensors that are lower power, smaller form factor, remotely powered, and can be deployed in remote, harsh industrial environments.

Accurate, Mobile Object Dimensioning using Time of Flight Technology

This demonstration applies advanced, high-resolution 3D imaging to critical logistics applications by precisely assessing the size of boxes, a capability necessary to better automate the transportation of large objects with varying dimensions.

AI-Driven Smart Motor Sensor for Real-time Asset Health Insights

ADI OtoSense™ AI delivers a low cost, intelligent, robust edge device capable of delivering deep, actionable insights into an asset’s health or operation in real time, delivering a truly scalable solution. This demo showcases ADI OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor, where vibration data is fed into the OtoSense AI software system and the current status of an asset—and even the action it performs—are quantified.

Improving Power Quality for Motor Drives

See how the ADE9430 IC and Software solution can monitor power quality to a class S level (as specified by the IEC 61000-4-30 standard) and identify the effect of different types of loads on harmonic distortions. Get real time power quality measurements while saving time to market and resources using this class S solution.

Efficient Motion Control using Magnetic Position Sensing Technology

The world’s first “true power-on” single chip multiturn position sensor can track the movement of industrial automation equipment including robot/cobot joints and rotary-to-linear actuators even when power is removed. This demo also showcases best in class encoder technology from ADI MagIC+.

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