ADI at MWC 2023
ADI at MWC 2023
MWC 2023 MWC 2023

Fira Barcelona, Feb 27 – Mar 2, 2023
Hall 2, booth 2B18

See the Future of Connectivity Today

ADI invites you to visit us in Hall 2, Booth #2B18, at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2023. Come see our latest massive MIMO (32Tx/32Rx) radio reference design platform, ask questions about how ADI RU platforms can help you release an ORAN compliant radio to market quickly, and see how our latest connectivity solutions are enabling consumer applications such as VR headsets and audible wearables. ADI has made great progress across multiple technology areas that deliver energy savings, advanced performance, and improved ease of design. Come visit our booth, enjoy some refreshments, and see the future of connectivity.

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Preview Our Demos

Next-generation M-MIMO Reference Design with 40% Power Savings

In Collaboration with Marvell Technology and Benetel

Come see this 32Tx/32Rx massive MIMO radio reference design based on our latest ADI RadioVerse® ADRV904x SoC with fully integrated digital front end and Marvell’s Octeon 10 Fusion baseband processor—the industry’s first 5 nm digital beamforming solution for 5G. This design solution provides 40% power savings compared to competing solutions, enabling lighter, smaller radios, and much faster time to market.

Introducing Our Next-Generation 5G mmWave Beamforming Platform

Upgrade your macro and small cell indoor 5G deployment across the entire 24 GHz to 47 GHz space. This impressive, multi-option, board lineup highlights ADI’s latest O-RAN 7.2 split compliant mmWave reference platform, with a proven 25% efficiency improvement, based entirely on ADI silicon solutions.

Enabling the Future of Work with the Metaverse—MR Headset

Integrating emerging, virtual worlds into our everyday lives takes a huge technological effort: Intelligent Edge devices, 5G/6G infrastructure, and the green energy to power it all. ADI advancements are making it all possible.

Life, Exactly How It Is Supposed to Sound—Hearable Solutions

Context aware hearable solutions change the way we work, play, and rest, wherever we are. Filtering out, amplifying, or enhancing the sounds of life when appropriate help us experience perfect sound, every day.

Moving Toward More Sustainable Networks Via Advanced Micro-sleep Modes

Since the RAN consumes 70% to 80% of total network energy, energy savings modes are critical to reducing the carbon footprint across 5G networks and lowering OPEX spending. ADI RadioVerse solutions provide the path forward to meeting the upcoming 3GPP Rel. 18 network energy saving (NES) modes for 5G RAN. See how these energy savings are realized in an interactive model of micro-sleep and hibernation modes across multiple O-RU configurations.

Fast Charging Your Life’s Work—USB-C Fast Charging, Battery Insights, and Protection

Waiting for our devices to charge is a burden that does not fit well into our busy schedules. USB-C fast charging keeps your phone, headphones, or gaming device going at the speed of daily life, with highest efficiency and safety in the smallest footprint. We rely on our devices, and they rely on their batteries. By improving charging efficiency, we put less wear on batteries and extend the lifespan of our devices.

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