Embedded world 2018 offered a lot to see this year. We shared a number of our latest ideas to help make that world not only smarter, but healthier and more secure. In case you missed any of our demonstrations, or would like to see them again, we have links to them below.

embedded world 2018

Learn from Analog Devices' Experts

Affordable RF tools, the ADALM-Pluto SDR

A look at various RF problems (third harmonics of mixers, RF pollution, required RF filters), and how new innovated tools, and open source software can help measure and mitigate these issues.

Robin Getz, Director of System Engineering

Constrained Devices – Scaling Ethernet Technology for TSN

One of Analog Devices’ strengths is the signal chain that bridges the analog world and the digital world. This includes embedded communication to bring data from the sensor to the cloud with a level of determinism and reliability not seen before in previous generation systems. Indeed, Analog Devices provides deterministic Ethernet solutions that meet or exceed the performance and flexibility demands of existing industrial networks while providing scalability across multiple Industrial Ethernet protocols. With the push towards have all devices connected not only in the factory but also on the Internet, Ethernet is playing a key role in transporting this data. However, Ethernet’s meteoric success often leaves users of Ethernet technology struggling to scale connectivity, performance, network management and security. The explosion of IoT, IIoT and Industry 4.0 threatens to dwarf Ethernet’s success by giving rise to a host of new applications with extremely limited resources. This paper defines the concept of constrained devices and describes how this concept can be used to scale Ethernet to edge devices like sensors and actuators.

Tom Weingartner, Marketing Director, Deterministic Ethernet and IIoT Communication Technology

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Asset Health Detection & Monitoring


Watch Demo: Critical, real-time status for high-value cargo

ADI technology can detect, measure and communicate critical information for high-value items during shipping. We showed how asset health, such as the effects of impacts during shipping, and temperature can be monitored locally via BLE to a tablet, and from there to the IoT Cloud for enterprise-wide sharing.

We also discussed how this technology can be used in healthcare applications, such as concussion and head trauma detection.

Read the ADXL372 press release

Learn more about ADXL372

Wheel of Blinking LEDs – Wireless Time Synchronization


A reliable and low power networking solution for IoT applications

The demo shows how precise time synchronization across a multi-hop network can be used to automatically schedule data traffic with low-duty cycling. This can enable sensors to be placed in demanding IoT locations, such as vibrating pumps/motors, multi-story commercial buildings, industrial processing plants, and power plants.

Infrastructure Monitoring


Watch Demo: Solutions to assess structural health

We showed how our market-leading accelerometers and ultralow power MCUs can analyze the vibration frequency and amplitude of a structure to help evaluate its condition and health. We also discussed their use in Smart Home and Smart Factory applications.

Learn more about ADXL355
Read more about ADXL362
Explore the capabilities of ADuCM4050

Smoke and Aerosol Detection


Watch Demo: Advanced sensor technology

Learn more about how Analog Devices optical sensing technology can be used for smoke/fire detection, drug delivery, and air-quality measurement. We showed a full LED + photodetector + AFE solution. Among the benefits is the ability to distinguish different types of particles in the air, minimizing false positive events.

Wearable VSM Platform


Enabling data collection, remote monitoring, and cloud based analytics

We demonstrated a VSM platform with the capability to efficiently measure several bio-medical parameters which, in turn, will enable the development of breakthrough applications that will transform the way ECG, Heart Rate, Galvanic Skin Response, Activity, and Temperature are measured and shared via the cloud. Some of the products used in the demo are an optical sensing mixed-signal device, an amplifier specifically designed for ECG, a high-performance, high-accuracy accelerometer, a precision microcontroller, and a small package battery charger.

Secure IoT Stack


A secure end point sensor-to-cloud solution

See how this approach provides end-users with confidence their device can be trusted, while simplifying the deployment process and reducing cost and vulnerabilities of private key maintenance after deployment.

Rube Goldberg, Isolated Communication, Control and Measurement Demo


Overcoming the challenges of noisy environments

See how this solution allows systems to operate without a common ground, eliminating ground loops and providing protection for valuable equipment against surges and electrical fast transients.

iCoupler® Isolation for Time Sensitive Networks


A more robust solution for industrial Ethernet

This demonstration showed how iCoupler® technology can isolate Ethernet signals at the xMII MAC layer in a time-sensitive Ethernet network. We showed how the market-first ADN4654 Gigabit Isolators can be used for high-bandwidth robust video links in medical applications. We also demonstrated how the ADV7625 multi-HDMI I/O is used to route and compare both isolated and non-isolated HDMI video streams.

Silent Switcher II


Watch Demo: Ultralow EMI Paired With High Efficiency

The demo showed the EMC capability of our Silent Switcher II monocytic buck regulators. We demonstated how they can reduce the risk of EMC-related redesigns due to power, and how you can eliminate the need for additional EMI shielding, and simplify layouts.

Explore our Power Management Portfolio

SHARC and A2B Audio Platform


A modular hardware and software solution for audio development

We showed how hardware and software can help create surround sound audio algorithms in Sigma Studio, implement those algorithms in a SHARC processor, and use A2B to send multiple channels of audio to different boards and speakers in different physical locations. Learn more about A2B technology, our new digital bus architecture, and our SHARC Processors.



Watch Demo: Software-Defined Radio Active Learning Module

See how this innovative tool and open source software can help measure and mitigate various RF problems, such as third harmonics of mixers, RF pollution, required RF filters.

Preview Our Partner Demonstrations

Wireless Sensor Network System for Industrial Applications with Vicotee


See how Vicotee uses SmartMesh wireless sensor technology to provide reduced energy consumption, increased reliability, scalability, wireless connections, and ease of use through standard radio technology.

For more information please visit www.vicotee.com

Wireless Sensor Network Solutions for Real-Life Applications with IoTeam


See a demo of the Dusty module, a PCBA product incorporating Analog Devices LTC5800-IPM SoC running SmartMesh IP embedded networking software. Learn how SmartMesh IP time-synchronized networks enable all motes in the network to route, source or terminate data, while providing many years of battery powered operation.

For more information please visit http://ioteam.strikingly.com

Gleanergy Kit with Würth Elektronik


Watch Demo: Gleanergy Kit with Würth Elektronik

The Gleanergy kit is a development platform which demonstrates the complete design of a wireless sensor mesh network built from sensor nodes that use energy harvesting to charge or extend the life of their batteries.

Visit the Gleanergy page at Würth Elektronik

The Wireless IoT Fabric for Industry 4.0 Applications with VersaSense


This demonstration showcases the award-winning IoT Fabric from VersaSense, offering a full end-to-end solution for the Industrial IoT. Plug and Play sensors attach to Wireless Devices, combining SmartMesh IP technology from Analog Devices and MicroPnP technology from VersaSense, to instantly transform your industrial assets into live data streams, which can be fed to all major 3rd party IoT Platforms for further analytics. The VersaSense IoT Fabric is highly secure and can be managed through a set of Cloud Services. In addition, several customer success scenarios utilizing the IoT fabric will be showcased.

For more informaiton please visit www.versasense.com

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