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Szukang Hsien Headshot

Szukang Hsien
Business Director

Matrix LEC Driver for Mini LED Automotive Local Dimming Displays

Presenter: Szukang Hsien

Date: 6/23/2022

Time: 9:30-9:50 am CET

Session: Electronic Displays Conference
Session 7
Automotive Display Electronics

Frederik Dostal Headshot

Frederik Dostal
Field Application Engineer, Power Management

Supercapacitor-based Power Backup Solutions for Reliable and Innovative System Design

Presenter: Frederik Dostal

Date: 6/23/2022

Time: 2:15-2:45 pm CET

Session: embedded world Conference
Session 5.2
Power Supply

Richard Anslow

Richard Anslow
Staff Engineer, System Application

How to Design a MEMS Vibration Sensor with Wired 10Base-T1L Connectivity

Presenter: Richard Anslow

Date: 6/23/2022

Time: 4-4:30 pm CET

Session: embedded world Conference
Session 5.3
Board-Level Hardware Engineering

Stephane di Vito Headshot

Stéphane Di Vito
Product Definer & Security Expert, Security Software & Processors

Low-Cost 1-Wire Technology for Industrial and Consumer Applications

Presenter: Stéphane Di Vito

Date: 6/23/2022

Time: 4:30-5 pm CET

Session: embedded world Conference
Session 2.12
Industrial Networks

Stephan Kubisch

Dr. Stephan Kubisch
Senior Manager, Solutions

When the Solenoid Becomes the Sensor – A New Era in Embedded Solenoid Control

Presenter: Dr. Stephan Kubisch

Date: 6/23/2022

Time: 4:30-5 pm CET

Session: embedded world Conference
Session 5.3
Hardware General

Visit Maxim Integrated to learn more about the products featured in our Live Demonstrations below.

Preview Our Healthcare & Wellbeing Live Demonstrations

Health Sensor Platform 3.0

Get a running start on your next health or fitness wearable! The MAXREFDES104# is a unique evaluation and development platform in a wearable form factor that demonstrates the functions of a wide range of ADI’s products for health-sensing applications, integrating a two-in-one PPG + ECG analog-front-end (AFE) sensor (MAX86176), a human body temperature sensor (MAX30208), a microcontroller (MAX32666), a power-management IC (MAX20360), and a 3-axis accelerometer. The complete platform includes a 3D-printed enclosure and a biometric algorithm hub with an embedded heart-rate, oxygen saturation and ECG algorithms (MAX32674). Algorithm output and raw data can be streamed through Bluetooth™ to a PC GUI for demonstration, evaluation, and customized development.

Wrist-Based SpO2, Heart Rate, and Heart Rate Variability Health Sensor Platform

The MAXREFDES105# is a wrist-worn wearable form factor that demonstrates the high sensitivity and algorithm processing functions for health-sensing applications. This health sensor band platform includes an enclosure and a biometric sensor hub with an embedded algorithm for heart rate and SpO2 (MAX32664C) which processes photoplethysmography (PPG) signals from the analog-front-end (AFE) sensor (MAX86174A). Algorithm output and raw data can be streamed through Bluetooth® to an Android® app or PC graphical user interface (GUI) for demonstration, evaluation, and customized development.

Wireless Bicycle Power Meter

Cyclists rely on power feedback to gauge their overall fitness. This bicycle power meter demo measures a cyclist’s power output with a low power, wireless system comprising a MAX41400 instrumentation amplifier connected to strain gauges on the bike’s crank arm, a MAX11108 SAR ADC, and a Bluetooth-enabled MCU connected to a tablet. Challenge your friends and see who’s more powerful!

Preview Our Automotive Live Demonstrations

12.3" mini LED Local Dimming Display

Added technology in an automobile’s cabin means added size and scope for in-cabin displays. Thus, it’s essential to have enhanced display quality and power saving capabilities especially for electric vehicles. Local dimming is an effective way to have a high contrast display and be competitively priced with OLEDs, plus save up to 50% in power since there are many black in the HMI screen. This demo is a 12.3" local dimming display with 1536 mini LED using MAX25500 with up to 50% power saving and 1000+ nit.

Taking Automotive Authentication into the Future

The electrification of vehicles as well as overall increased automotive electronic content leads to increasing security vulnerability. Numerous endpoints on vehicles go unprotected today, multiplying the dangers. This demo shows how authentication solutions from Analog Devices are simple to implement and provide robust security for automotive endpoints.

Automotive Exterior LED Lighting Solutions: Brighter, Cooler, Safer

Drive dynamic exterior lighting with ADI’s automotive LED drivers and matrix manager solutions. This demo showcases two of our latest products:

  • MAX25603: Dual String, 4-switch buck-boost LED driver: Driving a full combination headlamp with a single chip
  • MAX25630: 4x24 Matrix LED Driver: Drive and control up to 96 LEDs

Automotive Infrared Driver for Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems

Reduce size, improve EMI, and ensure safety with ADI’s Infrared, driver for driver monitoring systems. The infrared driver is a critical piece of the DMS/OMS optical path, ensuring a robust illumination pairing with the image sensor. Our MAX25614 IR driver is powering up leading OEM DMS and OMS applications today. It enables high peak emitter currents while monitoring for eye safety. See what makes the MAX25614 the ideal solution for DMS and OMS designs.

Preview Our Industrial Live Demonstrations

True Edge AI: Machine Vision on a Battery

The ADI MAX78000 enables true machine vision to happen in small and power-constrained devices—running from sources as small as a coin cell battery. The MAXREFDES178 demonstrates how ADI’s small, low power, and proven AI acceleration technology is enabling machines to see and hear like they never could before.

3D Photobooth Enabled by High-Resolution Time-of-Flight (ToF)

See how this is not your father’s photobooth in this new take on an old concept using ADI’s high-resolution, time-of-flight technology. This demo shows volumetric capture and how we can produce a 3D model of a person. In fact, ToF technology is at the center of the Metaverse where the ability to virtualize the physical is the gateway to a $13T opportunity according to Citi Group. Tell us your ideas and let’s see how we can help. BTW: we do birthdays, weddings, and corporate events.

MotionPy The Engineer's Swiss Army Knife Running on MicroPython

Access motor control with a simple Python script using the TMCM-0960-MotionPy. The small MicroPython development board provides a clear insight into system communications regardless of the interface or bus system used. Speed up automated testing and analysis in the field or on the factory floor, or update firmware with minimum down-time for increased productivity.

AI Driven Smart Motor Sensor for Electric Motors

This demo showcases ADI OtoSense™ Smart Motor Sensor, where the vibration data is fed into the OtoSense Artificial Intelligence software system where the current status of an asset or even the action it performs are quantified. ADI OtoSense AI delivers a low-cost, intelligent, robust edge device capable of delivering deep actionable insights into an assets health or operation in real-time, truly delivering scalable solution.

Preview Our Battery Power Live Demonstrations

4x Fast Charging SIMO PMIC with Autonomous Battery Headroom Tracking

When it comes to hearable and wearable devices, less downtime or plug-in time is key since we want them to be always ready throughout the day. This demo shows how MAX77659 SIMO PMIC charges next generation hearables, wearables and smart IoT devices faster and in less space than any other PMIC available today.

USB-C Battery Management: Fast Charging with Insights and Protection

This demo shows how easy and elegant every block of a USBC-PD system can be addressed and solved with ADI solutions. The REFDES is a complete USBC PD solution for charging via USBC PD for 2 cell systems. The MAX77598 is a PD controller that handles all communication for the PD protocol. Customers do not need to write any SW or need micro => as the chip does everything itself. It can also handle PPS, the most advanced charging technology for USB-c. The MAX77960 is a Buck Boost Charger, which is tailored for USBC PD, can charge 2 or 3 cells, and is very efficient and small. Last but not least MAX17320 which is a Fuel Gauge for up to 4 cells including battery protector and balancing feature. It contains ADIs unique algorithm M5 which allows accurate stage of charge measuring without battery characterization. Compared to the competition, we also have a quiescent current that is several factors lower and is the only solution which detects internal short circuits in the battery, helping avoid fires.

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