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embedded world 2020

Learn from Our Experts

Michael Hennessy

Michael Hennessy, Marketing Manager for Signal Chain µModules

embedded world Conference
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Session 10.2 SoC II – Analog, RF & Mixed Signal
Nuremberg Convention Center, NCC Ost, 10:30 am - 11:00 am

Technical Paper: Changing the Precision Conversion Playing Field with Heterogeneous Integration (HI)

Heterogeneous Integration (HI) has grown substantially in recent years within the semiconductor industry. Computing and communication devices were the early adopters of HI via advances in assembly technology. Learn how Analog Devices is leveraging HI to change the Precision Conversion playing field. This presentation will use application examples to illustrate how a system-level hardware designer can leverage solutions based on HI to advance precision performance at the system level and significantly reduce form factor.

Richard Anslow

Richard Anslow, Systems Applications Engineer for Connected Motion and Robotics

embedded world Conference
Wednesday, 26 February 2020
Session 5.2, Hardware II – Power & Data
Nuremberg Convention Center, NCC Ost, 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm

Technical Paper: MEMs Based Wired Condition Monitoring Solution for Industry 4.0

This paper discusses a novel communication scheme for porting SPI output from MEMs accelerometers over long distance for Condition-based Monitoring (CbM). Common challenges in designing a wired physical layer for MEMs include EMC robustness and data integrity. However, when extending clock synchronised SPI over long cables, and combining power and data on the same twisted pair wires (phantom power), several additional challenges are presented. Challenges discussed in this paper include managing system time synchronizsation, and filter design and simulation for shared power & data architectures. Filter design is especially important where the designer cannot add Manchester encoding to remove signal DC content. Passive Filter component selection is discussed with available communication design windows and experimental measurements over cabling. Temperature effects on system performance are measured, and EMC immunity is quantified. All concepts are verified on a wired CbM platform.

Matteo Crosio

Matteo Crosio, Field Applications Engineer

embedded world Exhibitor Forum
Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Hall 3A, Booth 730, 02:00 pm - 02:30 pm

A2B (Automotive Audio Bus) in Non-Automotive Applications

A2B (Automotive Audio Bus) is a technology developed by Analog Devices. It was designed to manage audio streams over a UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) in automotive applications. However, A2B technology can be applied in many other fields where easy implementation, the SigmaStudio SW GUI and the possibility to configure remote converters (CoDecs) make the difference. This presentation will discuss ADI´s innovative SHARC® Audio Module and A2B Audio Networking Technology and provide examples of an advanced audio system that can be used not only in cars, but also for industrial and consumer applications, such as in conference rooms, call centers, recording studios, buses and airplanes.

Liam Riordan

Liam Riordan, System Applications Manager for MeasureWare

embedded world Exhibitor Forum
Wednesday, 26 February 2020
Hall 3A, Booth 730, 11:30 am - 12:00 pm

Analog Devices MeasureWare – A New Approach to Precision Measurement

MeasureWare is Analog Devices’ new initiative targeted at taking the complexity out of precision measurements. MeasureWare provides a System on Chip solution with a software ecosystem to support customers from prototyping to scale. The presentation covers MeasureWare hardware offerings, software tools and partnership ecosystem. Attendees will be able to watch a live walkthrough of tools and features.

Joachim Baumm

Joachim Baumm, Field Applications Engineer at Semitron

embedded world Exhibitor Forum
Thursday, 27 February 2020
Hall 3A, Booth 730, 02:00 pm - 02:30 pm

SEMADUC Takes You to the Next Design with 2 Clicks

Aimed at a broad range of applications across industrial, instrumentation, healthcare and transportation, the SEMADUC Kit from SEMITRON, in collaboration with Analog Devices, offers a flexible platform for evaluation of any type of signal chain requirements using MikroE Click Boards™. The small-form-factor system employs compatible add-on boards and provides a seamless out-of-box experience and zero hardware configuration with the MikroE SDK (firmware, application, and demos). The hardware supports a range of Analog Devices signal handling and data conversion ICs. In this session you will learn about the kit’s benefits, future plans, availability and support. See the SEMADUC kit live at the ADI booth 4A-240.

Panel Discussions

Stefan Steyerl

Stefan Steyerl, Senior Sales Director, Central Europe

Tuesday, 25 February 2020
Hall 3A, Booth 502, 11:35 am - 12:00 pm

Panel Discussion: Collaboration of Established Companies with Startups

Kushwanthi Padmanabhuni

ADI Participant: Kushwanthi Padmanabhuni, Graduate Program Manager

Student Day
Thursday, 27 February 2020
NCC Mitte, Hall Brüssel

Hear our Lectures at the Arrow Electronics´ Booth (4A-340)


Tuesday, 25 February 2020
10:45-11:15 Joern Oppenhäuser, Analog Devices
Analog Devices MeasureWare – A New Approach to Precision Measurement
Wednesday, 26 February 2020
11:30-12:00 Maikel Kokaly-Bannourah, Analog Devices
A2B (Automotive Audio Bus) in Non-Automotive Applications

Thursday, 27 February 2020
10:00-10:30 Richard Anslow, Analog Devices
MEMs Based Wired Condition Monitoring Solution for Industry 4.0

11:30-12:00 Dzianis Lukashevich, Analog Devices
Smart Sensing and Communication powered by AI

More Analog Devices’ innovative products and collaborative solutions are showcased at our global partner Arrow Electronics embedded world booth (4A-340). For more information, please visit

Preview Our Precision and Instrumentation Demos

Precision Signal Chain µModule Data Acquisition

This demo will be highlighting ADI´s latest precision signal chain µModules. See an example of a small form factor high density multichannel precision data acquisition card which is enabled by ADI's heterogeneous integration technology that integrates high performance precision signal chains into small footprint devices suitable for standard PCB assembly flows. We will be demonstrating how these integrated signal chain devices can exceed the performance of equivalent larger form factor discrete designs, as well as reduce the cost of equipment BOM management and related manufacturing costs.

LTspice Demo

See our latest LTspice demonstration and learn how this solution enables engineers to simulate analog designs via models and application signal chains.

Interpret Your World: Precision Measurements in Minutes

ADI´s MeasureWare was created to bridge the gap between the growing complexity in the technology and the scarcity of electronics expertise. The demo will highlight how ADI is opening up this technology to enable "experts elsewhere" to get up and running in minutes with complex precision measurements without having to do any firmware development. The demo will introduce ADI´s flexible plug-and-play hardware and intuitive software tools which enable the user to get a custom design and instant access to precision measurements from a variety of sensor partners.

Wireless Water Quality Measurement with ADuCM355 and SmartMesh

Many industries including beverage production, pharmaceutical plants, and waste water treatment plants rely on water quality monitoring systems to measure and control important water quality indicators such as the pH, conductivity, and oxidation-reduction potential (ORP). With individual wired sensors, the number of sensors installed is limited, yet wireless networks are not typically considered robust enough to deploy in these applications. This demo combines the universal sensor interface capability of ADI´s ADuCM355 and the wire-like reliability of Analog Devices SmartMesh IP wireless technology to form a robust and low power wireless water quality monitoring system.

Smart Shelf Demo

This demo will demonstrate ADI’s unmatched precision technology by providing a fully realized system solution for precise weight measurement. Discover how you can determine the quantity and value of items on the shelf for smart retail and supply chain insights. The system solution combines ADI´s best-in-class precision products and can be integrated into customers´ own end products with minimal effort.

Preview Our Industrial Automation Demos

MEMs-Based Wired Condition Based Monitoring Solution for Industry 4.0

See our robust 3-axis condition monitoring solution capable of operating over long cables up to 100m in harsh industrial environments. This demo will showcase ADI´s MEMS technology, transceiver technology, and a method for coupling power and data over RS485 to minimize connector size.

Got EMI? Fix it with the Latest isoPower + Isolated Data

The interactive iCoupler® digital isolation demo with ADI´s new reinforced isolated power converter and 4 channel data component showcases the lowest available radiated emissions. Meet Class B CISPR 32 standards on a 2 layer PCB, simplify the EMI certification process and eliminate costly mitigation techniques.

A2B Industrial Demo

Learn more about ADI´s innovative A2B Audio Networking Technology and the SHARC® Audio Module in a demonstration of an advanced audio system suitable for industrial, consumer or automotive applications. Discover ADI´s flexible platform for rapid prototyping of complex audio systems and benefit from reusable software components, available hardware and SigmaStudio development tools for simple and quick system configuration.

Preview Our Automotive Demo

Battery Management System Demo

This demo will showcase accurate measurements of a 36-cell battery stack by combining multiple Analog Devices´ battery stack monitor ICs and a precision EV/HEV Coloumb counter. These devices are interconnected via our proprietary reversible isoSPI bus to demonstrate synchronous measurement capability and tolerance to harness faults. A GUI will display measurements and diagnostics. Learn how ADI helps you to achieve increased battery system safety, greater performance and robust designs.

Preview Our Energy Demo

High Voltage, Low EMI: Isolated RS-485 for Your Solar and Energy Applications

Discover ADI’s latest iCoupler® digital isolation RS485 solution for solar energy simulation where power generation and power output are monitored. The compact integrated RS-485 and isoPower® transceiver meets radiated emissions requirements with ease and is the market´s first with smart cable inversion to reduce installation costs. The industry-leading common-mode transient robustness and reinforced isolation make the solution ideal for heavy industrial applications.

Preview Our Consumer and Healthcare Demos

Electronic Shelf Label with Optical Sensing

The demo will showcase the capability of ADI's RapidNet wireless protocol that can reliably manage and update more than 10,000 nodes. This capability of RapidNet can be used in applications such as embedded shelf labeling at a supermarket or factory floor. The demo will also showcase ADI's optical sensing capability.

ADPD4000 Bio-Medical Front-End

With an aging population, the cost of healthcare is rising rapidly. Prevention and early disease detection are helping to control the overall cost of health. To be able to detect anomalies in an early stage, 24/7 monitoring is required. Wearables and patches are being developed to support these needs. Recently, ADI has launched a new bio-medical front-end to support these trends in the market. This demo shows the diversity of bio-medical parameters which can be monitored with ADI´s ADPD4000. We also show a prototype of the latest wearable devices which has been designed around the new bio-medical chip.

Preview Our Power Demos

Buck Boost Controller LT8210 with Pass-Through Mode

Discover ADI´s LT8210, the first 4-switch synchronous buck-boost DC-DC controller on the market that can operate with a Pass-Thru mode. Pass-Thru is a feature that passes VIN directly to VOUT, when VIN is within a user programmable window. Pass-Thru eliminates switching losses and EMI along with maximizing efficiency up to 99.9%.

Powering FPGAs, ASICs, and GPUs with ADI´s High Power µModule Regulator

Discover ADI´s LTM4700, a dual 50A or single 100A µModule Regulator with PMBus I2C digital interface in 15mm x 22mm x 7.87mm BGA package size, that is specifically designed to power low-voltage & high-current advanced digital devices such as FPGA’s, ASICs, microcontrollers and GPUs in PCB area constraints of density populated system boards. Typical applications include cloud computing-based systems, communication infrastructure, PCIe boards, as well as medical, industrial, and test & measurement equipment.

Preview Our Partner Demos

Far Field Voice Acquisition


Learn more about the new platform vicDIVA for robust voice acquisition from ADI Alliance Partner voice INTER connect GmbH. See how the use of efficient beamforming and beam steering algorithms ensures excellent speech quality even under difficult environmental conditions including surrounding noise, which is especially important for language assistants, voice controls, hands-free kits, and conference systems. A key feature is providing low latency real-time audio processing capabilities enabled by ADI’s ADSP-SC584, a product of ADI’s scalable SHARC DSP portfolio.



Visit the Analog Devices booth for a live demonstration by SEMITRON of the new SEMADUC development platform featuring Analog Devices´ ADuCM4050, AD74413R and ADM2867E. The kit integrates technologies effortlessly with Click boards™ utilizing the mikroBUS™ standard from MikroElektronica. See how SEMADUC takes you to the next design with two clicks only.

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