Two people hiking in the mountains with network mesh superimposed
Two people hiking in the mountains with network mesh superimposed

January 5 – 8
Las Vegas Convention Center
Las Vegas, NV
West Hall, Booth 4725

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Driving on the Intelligent Edge

ADI's partnerships with car manufacturers are ensuring that the next 100 years of automotive designs are driven by human insight and a desire to improve everyday life. Engineering the breakthroughs that make each drive safer, more immersive, and more sustainable, we're working together to ensure every journey is meaningful, regardless of its destination.

AUO Dashboard Display: Bringing Safe, Crisp, and Low Power Display to Automotive

ADI’s local-dimming LED driver and high-bandwidth serial link technology are contributing to making automotive travel safer, more power efficient, and immersive.

Transforming the Daily Commute

Connected, sustainable, immersive. Our daily commutes are quickly evolving from simple transportation. Now they are sanctuaries in which to relax and opportunities to improve the efficiency and safety of our drives.

Charging Experiences That Never Leave You Stranded

Range anxiety is one of the biggest challenges facing EV adoption, so the rollout of a safe, easy, and reliably accessible charging experience is crucial. ADI technology fits both AC & DC systems at your home, on the commute, or at the workplace.

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Father and son wearing VR glasses lying down at home

ADI Consumer Demos

Entertainment without boundaries.

Movies, music, media: the way we express ourselves, or simply enjoy ourselves, needs to be just as immersive as the rest of our lives. ADI technology is streamlining and enhancing the way we create and enjoy art, to make sure nothing separates us from the things we love most.

Young woman presses a side button on a smartwatch

ADI Healthcare Demos

Wake up to a view of the future.

From the moment we wake up, there are opportunities to enrich, immerse and improve the way we live. By infusing our homes with the ability to help us better understand our bodies and needs, we ensure each day begins in the best possible way.