3D Rendering of Analog Devices CES 2022 Booth
3D Rendering of Analog Devices CES 2022 Booth

AT CES® 2022
CES® 2022

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Automotive Electronics: Enabling the Car of Tomorrow

What if you could experience the car of the future, today?

ADI’s leading performance in electrification and BMS are helping automobiles go farther, faster and cleaner, while an immersive, personalized and connected Digital Cabin Experience and breakthroughs in autonomy are ensuring we arrive there in style and comfort.

Voice Edge Processing: Cut Through the Noise

What if we could talk to our cars as clearly as to other passengers?

ADI's LISTNTM Voice Edge Processing solutions enable superior voice communications within the vehicle, leading to a more comfortable, productive and immersive driving experience.

Gesture Sensing: Improving Driver Safety

What if we could command our cars with the wave of a hand?

When voice control isn't practical, be it due to wind noise or a sleeping baby, a driver's eyes still need to stay on the road. ADI technology in enabling automotive-ready motion sensing to capture simple but important gestures, and further improve driver safety.

Automotive Authenticators: Verified Safe, Secure, and Future-Ready

What if we could trust all parts of our cars were genuine, safe, and secure?

The ecosystem of connected car parts is getting increasingly complex and presents growing dangers if connections are compromised, maliciously or otherwise. Li-Ion Batteries, ADAS sensors, and headlamps are just a few examples of such parts. Authenticators ensure that when something plugs into our cars, only high-quality components are in use and controlled by an authorized and trusted ECU.

BMS: The Life of a Battery

What if a battery's life never ended?

ADI’s BMS and wBMS technology supports all electrification and sustainability roadmaps through full life-cycle management. This means reduced costs and complexity, and a simplified path through redesign, reuse and repair.

E2B: Discover the Possibilities of Zonal Architecture

What if you could upgrade your car’s software as easily as your phone’s?

Advanced Electrification and immersive in-cabin experiences are driving the transition to zonal architectures. ADI's Ethernet to the Edge (E2B) technology enables efficient zonal connectivity and streamlined software updates, while promoting sustainability through cabling and power reduction.

Exterior LED Lighting: Easier on the Eyes, on the Road

What if we could seamlessly blend style and safety?

ADI-powered matrix solutions enable glare free LED external lighting in automotive applications. This not only has a major impact on road safety, allowing for visibility improvement without blinding oncoming traffic, but also power design breakthroughs like animated lighting, merging style with function.

Steer By Wire: An Inside Look

What if we never wasted a single milliwatt of a battery’s power?

ADI is helping to maximize efficiency from batteries through ‘Zero Power’ position sensing advancements in electrification, so we get the absolute most out of every single battery.

Local Dimming Display: Adaptive In-Cabin LED Lighting

What if eliminating night driving risks began with illuminating them?

In ADI's pursuit of a more comfortable, and safer, in-cabin driving experience, we're powering technology that enables a more clearly contrasted, dimmable command display. This reduces vision fatigue while driving, all while saving 50% of the power used in edge-lit displays.

Advanced Driver Assistance: Greater Integrity with Maximum Efficiency

What if we held our vehicles to the highest possible standards?

To make the driverless future a reality, we need to eliminate risks with maximum stringency and efficiency. ADI's High Power Density Integrated ASIL-D ADAS is the premier solution on the frontier of advanced driver assistance. No one has a better solution in terms of power density, efficiency, or functional safety with as small a solution size, or low a price point.

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