APEC 2019 We hope you had a chance to see us at APEC 2019 in Anaheim. We met with hundreds of attendees from around the world, and showcased some of our latest and greatest Power by Linear™ solutions. In case you missed the show or want another look, we’ve captured some of the demos on video below.

We’re looking forward to APEC 2020 in New Orleans. We hope to see you there!

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High Power, High Density Switched Capacitor and Hybrid DC/DC Supplies

See how LTC7820/7821 controllers enable easier design and lower cost for embedded power systems when isolation is not required. Learn how this solution can increase power density and replace large and expensive conventional transformer-based power bricks in Telecom and Datacenter systems.

Silent Switcher2 Technology Reduces EMI, Improves Efficiency and Shrinks Solution Size

Discover how ADI's Silent Switcher technology can dramatically reduce both radiated and conducted EMI emissions.

+54Vin to Core with LTC2971 Power System Management

The LTC2971 Power System Manager (PSM) which can directly sense +54Vin, +12V IBV supply, and also sense a 1V core supply. The PSM actively monitors voltages and currents, accurately trims core supply, and supervises fault conditions without any software. This makes powering a CPU/FPGA from a +54Vin with high efficiency conversion a reality. The live demo, using our LTC2971 PSM device, will demonstrate an intermediate 12V bus to a 1V output with real-time telemetry via the LTpowerPlay GUI.

Dual Battery Bi-Directional DC/DC Controller Ideal for Power Redundancy in Autonomous Vehicles

See how the LT8708 bidirectional buck-boost switching regulator controller operates between two supercapacitors banks that have the same voltage (12V) and prevents system shut-down should one of the super caps fail. Learn how the LT8708 is well suited for the redundancy required in self-driving vehicles.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) & Hot Swap solutions for Connected Data Systems

ADI provides vertical solutions in the world of systems connected by data, specifically Ethernet Data. One application, Connected Motion, has already demonstrated the combination of three important ADI technologies: precision motion control, Industrial Ethernet Connectivity and Edge Node Security. With the gigabit Ethernet PHY a fourth is nearly ready to add to this impressive stack. Power over Ethernet(PoE) has now been added which enables this naturally daisy chained application to receive forward application power with the data. These technologies can be brought together to solve in whole or in part many of our customer problems.

uModule Power Products

Power by Linear’s newest member is the LTM4700, a dual 50A or single 100A micromodule regulator which incorporates advanced packaging technology to enable best in class power density. Four LTM4700s in parallel can deliver a 400A output at 1V from a 12V input, with close to 90% efficiency.

Highly Integrated Synchronous Step-Down Regulators Deliver New Levels of Performance

Our new LTC330x family of synchronous buck regulators are highly integrated and incorporate our Silent Switcher 2 technology. With minimal external components and 5MHz switching, these 5V input cable devices enable high current outputs to sub-1V with excellent thermal performance for space and thermally constrained applications such as optical transport networks.

ADI and Wurth LED Greenhouse

ADI’s latest I2C programmable, quad, monolithic boost LED driver is ideal for backlighting, architectural and horticultural lighting purposes. They are highly integrated and have a broad range of features that make them a perfect choice for a myriad of lighting applications. Our most recent LED driver uses precision passive components from Wurth electronics to realize four independent LED drivers, with the colors Red, Green, Blue and White represented. A simple user panel allows for pre-programmed display color sweeps with individual dimming control.