APEC 2022
APEC 2022

March 20 - 24
George R. Brown Convention Center
Booth 233
Houston, TX

APEC is the industry’s leading power electronics event. Join us in Texas from March 20-24th to see the latest and greatest µModule Power products. We will be demonstrating our Ultrathin, Ultralow noise Silent Switchers, 100A-1kA, digital-telemetry, 54Vin and many more innovative µModule solutions. Examples of applications are 5G, data centers, healthcare scanners, automotive, robotics, factory automation, industrial, test equipment, and aerospace. Come by our booth to chat with our power experts and to view our many demonstration boards.

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Preview Our Demos:

Ultrathin (1.18mm-1.92mm) µModule Regulators

With an ultrathin profile below 2mm, µModule Regulator allows designer to take advantage of mostly empty area on backside of PCB for power circuits, freeing space on top side for components such as connectors, transceivers, and memory. Height-restricted applications such as optical data transport systems, PCIe boards and RAID system. Another advantage of an ultrathin μModule package is that it can be placed very close to low profile loads such as such as FPGAs, GPUs, ASICs and processors while sharing a common heatsink or cold plate.

µModule Regulators with Component-on-Package Technology

The Component-on-Package (CoP) technology provides faster cooling of µModule regulators from top, four sides and bottom of package. A small PCB footprint, more power, and better thermal performance—all three are simultaneously possible with CoP technology, a new method in construction of POL regulators.

800A (100A x 8) µModule Regulator with Precise Current Sharing

LTM4700 is a dual output 50A, single 100A step-down µModule regulator with PMBus I2C digital interface. The current mode architecture enables ±3% of accurate current sharing among the 100A blocks. Precise current sharing produces a power supply that spreads the heat evenly between devices.

Reduce EMI with Silent Switcher µModule Regulator

The Silent Switcher® architecture minimizes EMI emissions enabling the μModule Regulator to pass CISPR22 class B. The combination of Silent Switcher, wide operating frequency range and multiple operating modes minimize EMI and make it ideal for noise sensitive applications. Quad configurable output Silent Switcher regulators can replace 2, 3 or 4 single output competitive modules. The customer only qualifies one-part number instead of several single output modules.

See how Silent Switcher® technology reduces EMI within our power µModule regulators.

Join ADI experts at APEC this March 20-24th to learn more about Silent Switcher solutions and other µModule Regulators from Analog Devices!