APEC 2018 APEC 2018 was another successful event. We hope you had a chance to see some of the latest products and technologies from our Power by Linear group. It was great to meet with so many people and talk all things power. If you didn’t have a chance to stop by, or if you’d like to see some of the demos again, check out the lineup below.

View Our APEC Demonstrations

ADI Gate Driver Board for Microsemi SiC Module


Watch Demo: ADI Gate Driver Board for Microsemi SiC Module

The demonstration showed a high voltage, high current board integrating the ADuM4135 the LT3999, and the SiC power module. We showed how this board allows the user to fully test the ADI components in a converter environment.

Hot Swap and Power Management


Watch Demo: Hot Swap Technology

We showed how combining hot swap and power management technologies provide controlled system turn-on/turn-off and off of systems. The demo included plugging electronics into live power sources.

Power Over Ethernet


Watch Demo: Power Over Ethernet

See how our power boards can be used for equipment (PSE) and powered devices (PDs). And learn more about ADI PoE products and the emerging IEEE 802.3bt four-pair high-power standard.

Power System Management


Watch Demo: Power Systems Management

Discover how the LTC3888 and LTC3889 can support a wide range of data center, telecom, computer server, and industrial applications. Key features include PMBus functions, AVS bus control, built-in load step emulation, and high-voltage power conversion.

Wireless Power for Hearing Aids/Handheld Applications


Watch Demo: Wireless Battery Chargers for Hearing Aid / Handheld Applications

See three examples of wireless battery chargers and how they can be used for different applications. The demo covers hearing aids, low power industrial, medical and commercial use, as well as handheld industrial applications.

USB-C Power Delivery Battery Charger Featuring the LTC4162


We showed how the wide input voltage range and I2C configurability of the LTC4162 can be used for medical instruments, industrial handhelds, ruggedized notebooks, tablet computers, and USB power delivery (USB-C) applications.

Power µModule® Solutions Are Simple & Done


Watch Demo: Power µModule® Solutions

See how our industry leading micromodules can solve the toughest power challenges in a variety of markets and applications, including automotive, industrial, and communications.

Low Electromagnetic Emission Benefits of Silent Switchers


Watch Demo: Low Electromagnetic Emission Benefits of Silent Switchers

The demonstration showed how emission minimizes interference among different systems and is critical to ensuring compliance with automotive regulations, such as the CISPR 25. We also showed how adapting silent switchers in early design stages can reduce risk and expedite time to market.