The 7th Edition of Anveshan 2020 Fellowship gives an opportunity for the Indian Engineering student community to innovate and design product that can uplift the standard of living of our society. The selected projects will be funded and guided by Analog Devices for a full-fledged development duration of about 6 months. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and Register!

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Deadline for proposal submission is extended till midnight 8th September,2019

Healthcare & Lifestyle

The relevance of electronics in healthcare is more than simply allowing patients to track fitness activities. Ranging from real-time, wireless transmission of health indicators to monitoring the health of one’s family, technology is indispensable in the field of healthcare, particularly after the emergence of IoT.. Sensing solutions can aim to detect the purity of drugs or even, sensing the vital signs of a patient. From a system standpoint, the above two approaches can be integrated to create a true system of smart healthcare. Smart Consumer devices with Face Recognition based on 3D and Imaging sensors, edge devices with Artificial Intelligence to enable home automation based on speech, video and audio, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can open up the vistas to a new world unimagined before.

Resource and Energy Management

The sphere of resource and energy management offers potentially huge markets for technology. The growth of IoT has paved the way for the concept of smart agriculture, marked by systems for monitoring produce such as grains, fruits or milk and segregation based on quality at the source. Each variant of produce requires a customized solution for successful segregation, opening new avenues for applying technology. Systems to monitor crops or detect the levels of pesticides would be beneficial for the food industry. Another domain that calls for attention is the Electricity Grid. Developed sensing mechanisms and connectivity have laid the foundation to build a smart grid for transmission of power.

Industry 4.0

The industrial domain is characterized by requirements ranging from making the supply chain more efficient by employing sensors to track the shipment at each stage and dynamically optimizing resources for faster delivery to sensing solutions for safety in industries to sensing gas levels in a factory. Niche applications such as machine health monitoring using accelerometers and current/voltage sensors are gaining momentum. Detection of faulty products on the production line in factories, enable robots on production lines with artificial intelligence and automation of warehousing are other paradigm shifts which are possible in Industry 4.0

Public Safety and Security

Public Safety and Security has never been lacking competent solutions as in the present day. In India, traffic is more often than not managed manually or in a round robin fashion, lacking any intelligence. Systems for traffic management using a combination of image processing techniques and refined algorithms would be relevant in addressing the problems of commuters. This can be taken a step further by adding connectivity to provide a centralized but automated platform for traffic management. Other solutions in this domain can aim to improve response time during disasters or developing sensors for early warnings of potential disasters. Solutions for people’s safety and security have never been more relevant.