LTpowerPlay Software-Based Power Supply Configuration and Debug Tool

Our Power System Management (PSM) devices add digital PMBus/SMBus/I2C interface based control, telemetry and black-box fault recording to analog DC/DC power converters, providing high level integration, accuracy and increased reliability to your power system. The associated LTpowerPlay® GUI provides software-based configuration and measurement of power system performance, enabling users to quickly navigate and trouble-shoot complex boards, resulting in reduced time to market. LTpowerPlay enables users to pin-point faulty supplies and troubleshoot cause, quickly and easily. Configuring and troubleshooting multi-rail power systems is made simple via this visual development environment, easing design of large rail-count FPGA, ASIC, and DSP based systems, while ensuring safe bring-up of the board. With up to 0.25% power supply trimming accuracy, adding power system management to your existing design provides enhanced processor performance and the ability to finely optimize board energy consumption. Once configured, the system can operate autonomously, with absolutely no code development required. Get started today with a PSM starter kit, DC1962C-KIT.