High Power Three-Channel LED Driver (LT3797)

Large arrays of LEDs require high power and multi-string LED drivers. When many single channel, high power converters are used in an application, a better solution may be to reduce the cost and number of components by using a single converter with several drivers on the same IC. Eliminating or reducing duplication of features and components can drastically reduce the size and cost of LED displays and arrays with large numbers of LEDs.

The LT3797 combines three drivers with the latest LED driver features into a single IC package. Using a single high-power INTVCC regulator for all three and independent dimming control, the LT3797 reduces circuit board complexity and cost, and provides a powerful and wide input voltage range solution for driving large numbers of LEDs. The LT3797 powers three high power strings of LEDs with flexible topologies and major fault protection such as open LED strings and shorted LED strings.