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The MAX7034 receiver reference design (RD) is a self-contained evaluation platform for exercising the product as a tube motor receiver module. This receiver (Rx) board includes a simple power supply, data interface, and an antenna connection, all in a small modular form factor that allows the receiver to be placed inside of a tubular enclosure. The Rx board was manufactured to be usable as-is. Gerber files are available for simple cut-and-paste of the radio system design.

The MAX7034 315MHz/434MHz amplitude-shift-keyed (ASK) superheterodyne receiver is configured in a near-standard form similar to the typical application circuit illustrated in the MAX7034 data sheet. The system is targeted for 433.92MHz operation and a 1kbps (NRZ) data rate. Four resistor connections are included in the design to allow flexible use of certain pins. Two connections have resistor footprints but are wired as shorts: R5 connects IR_SEL to VDD and R6 connects EN_REG to VDD. Two other connections are left open (unpopulated): R4 can connect DSP to DATAOUT for hysteresis and R7 can connect DSN to 3V3 for squelch. The module is designed to have a small footprint with minimal connections, to include a pair of pins for antenna/ground connections and a triplet of pins for ground/RX data/power connections. The board uses a 5V power supply.

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