ADI’s Medical Ultrasound Solutions


Medical Ultrasound System Theory and Typical Architecture

By transmitting acoustic energy into the body and receiving and processing the returning reflections, ultrasound systems can generate images of internal organs and structures, map blood flow and tissue motion, and provide highly accurate blood velocity information.

Medical Ultrasound System Design Considerations and Major Challenges

> Receiver AFE circuit performance: noise performance, SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), DR (dynamic range), typically required for high-end systems, DR is 70 dB for B mode, 130 dB for PWD (pulse wave doppler), and 160 dB for CWD (continuous wave doppler).
> Transmit voltage: High transmit voltages are needed to improve signal single word and for harmonic imaging. The acoustic power grows as the transmit voltage is increased, but it is limited by safety requirements from agencies such as the FDA.
> Beam-former complexity: high image quality requires a large number of beam forming channels. The increased complexity leads to higher power dissipation and requires more imaging volume to implement.
> Heat dissipation: heat dissipation is an important issue for miniaturized devices, particularly when improved image quality is the goal.

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System Block Diagram

Notes: The signal chains above are representative of medical ultrasound systems. The technical requirements of the blocks vary, but the products listed in the table are representative of ADI's solutions that meet some of those requirements.
Product Type Integrated Analog Front End VGA LNA I/Q Demodulator ADC (TGC Path) ADC (CWD Path) Amplifier
· AD9272
· AD9273
· AD9276
· AD9277
· AD9278
· AD9279
· AD9670
· AD9671
· AD8331
· AD8332
· AD8334
· AD8432
· ADA4897
· ADA4896
· ADA4899
· AD8333
· AD8339

· AD9637
· AD9257
· AD9253
· AD9637
· AD9257
· AD9253
· ADA4841
· ADA4897
· ADA4896
· ADA4938
· ADA4930
· AD8692
Product Type Transmit Tx DAC TGC Control DAC Clocking Power Analog Switch Video Processing Audio Processing
Model · AD9106
· AD9709
· AD9763
· AD9765
· AD9767
· AD9709
· AD9706
· AD9742
· AD5424
· AD5433
· AD5445
· AD9709
· AD9706
· AD9742
· AD5424
· AD5433
· AD5445
· ADP2116
· ADP2114
· ADP1741
· ADP1740
· ADP3338
· ADP3339
· ADM106x
· ADM116x
· ADG714
· ADG619
· ADV712x
· ADV739x
· ADV202
· ADV212
· ADV216
· ADV7180
· ADV7441
· ADA4420
· ADA4417
· ADAU1361
· ADAU1761
· SSM2604
· SSM2356

Design Tools  

Analog Front End (AFE)
· AD9272/AD9273/AD9276/AD9277/AD9278/AD9279 and AD9670/AD9671 Evaluation Board With Schematic and PCB Layout Gerber File
· VisualAnalog™ Software
· AFE SPI Interface Software (SPI Controller)
· AD927x Configuration Tool
· ADIsimADC Modeling Tool AFE SPI Interface Software (SPI Controller)
· AD9279/AD9278/AD9273 BGA PCB Layout Gerber Files
· AD8331/AD8332/AD8334 Evaluation Board with Schematic and PCB Layout Gerber File
· AD8333/AD8339 Evaluation Board with Schematic and PCB Layout Gerber File

· ADIsimCLK Modeling Tool
· AD951x/AD952x Evaluation Software and Board

· ADIsimPower
· Evaluation Board
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