Simple Supply Solution for Isolated Multi-Taps Outputs



As a system hardware design engineer, do you ever have trouble selecting high-cost performance isolation solutions that include multiple power output? Under most circumstances, triple isolated outputs of +15V, -15V, and +5V need to make use of operational amplifiers; both analog switches and multiplexers (MUX) and analog driver outputs (+/-10V, +/-20mA) require utilization of triple isolated outputs. Furthermore, system isolation is often a crucial guarantee in order to increase the reliability of industrial products. If you don't process any professional power design experience, especially in transformer spec design, your choice of preference may be to purchase isolated power modules, which are small in size and easy-to-use. However, there are very few types of isolated power modules in the market that directly support such multiple outputs as +/-15V and +5V, and those that do are overall quite expensive.

As we all know, the merging of ADI and Linear implies the cooperation of two significant forces. Resolving your problems is our constant goal. Pertaining to such applications, we have provided various types of simple and easy-to-use solutions that can serve as reference, as well as standard transformer design instructions, so as to satisfy the working conditions and performance requirements of customers.

ADI offers:
  • The latest LT8301 isolated power controller—small in size, highly efficient, and super easy-to-use
  • The ADuM3471 4-channel iCoupler isolated power controller—with built-in SPI interface
  • Recommend models and design parameters for transformer manufacturers
  • Diverse integrated reference design and evaluation boards


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System Block Diagram



Reference Design

These reference designs will be provided separate for those who want to evaluate our power supply solution while working with AD5755-1. There are also two additional control method through SDP by using a PC or the touch screen control/display directly.

In conclusion, ADI provides three kinds of transformers based and six kinds of solutions through LT8301 and ADuM3471, which could cover from 2.5 watt to 5 watt and 5 V @ 1 A or ±15 V @ 200 mA for different application required. You could easily choose one option for your bipolar supply analog input or analog output system. These solution can help greatly reduce your design effort, shrink your PCB space, and bring better efficiency and line/load regulation.

What ADI Can Provide to Customers
  • ADC: ADIsimADC™; Σ-Δ ADC register configuration assistant
  • DAC:ADIsimDAC™
  • Amplifier: ADIsimOpAmp™; ADIsimDiffAmp™
  • Power: EVB ADIsimPower
  • Processor: EVB emulation tools and some software

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