Multiparameter Water Quality Monitor



For water quality monitor, Analog Devices offers a highly integrated multiparameter measurement solution based on a powerful on-chip system that controls and measures electrochemical sensors and biosensors. With an integrated, ultra low power ARM® CortexTM-M3 processor and multichannel analog front end, the on-chip product can simultaneously connect multiple electrodes and cyclically measure multiple parameters via a programming state machine. It can realize the measurements of routine five parameters integrated into a single platform, including temperature (TEM), dissolved oxygen (DO), electrical conductivity (EC), pH, and turbidity.

ADI offers:
  • Single platform, multiparameter monitoring integrated with multiple independent measurement loops
  • System calibration capability and adaptive parameter adjustment
  • Probe diagnostic capability (pH probe impedance measurement) and probe digitalization reference design
  • Low power, small size, and high accuracy
  • Especially suitable for portable application with power supply measurement by ADuCM355
  • Isolation of both power and digital interface


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Key Products
  • Precision Analog Microcontroller with Chemical Sensor Interface ADuCM355 —
  • High Precision, Impedance, and Electrochemical Front End AD594x —

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