Electrocardiogram (ECG) Solutions

picElectrocardiogram (ECG) systems record the electrical activity of the heart over time by measuring electric potentials on the surface of living tissue. A biopotential electrode is used to pick up heart signals from specific locations on the body. The differential voltage between two electrodes, or the differential voltage between one electrode and the average voltage of multiple electrodes, can be measured and displayed as one channel on the ECG printout.

The primary function of the AFE is to digitize the heart signals. This process is complicated by the need to reject interference from strong RF sources, pace signals, lead-off signals, common-mode frequency, signals from other muscles, and electrical noise. Typically, the AFE includes instrumentation amplifiers (INAs), filtering, and ADCs. There are two kinds of ECG architecture design approaches—ac coupling and dc coupling.

ADI offers a comprehensive portfolio of high performance linear, mixed-signal, MEMS, and digital signal processing technologies for ECG designs.

Our data converters, amplifiers, microcontrollers, digital signal processors, MEMS inertial sensors, isolators, and power management products are backed by leading design tools,

applications support, and systems expertise.

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Ambulatory/Holter DC Coupled


Product Type 1. Integrated AFE 2. Power for ADAS100x 3. Motion Detection 4. Processor 5. Processor Power 6. Display Backlight 7. Main Power/ Battery(Backup) 8. Tx/Rx 9. RF Power

· ADAS1000 · ADP121

· ADP150

· ADP160
· ADXL346

· ADXL345
· ADSP-BF523

· ADSP-BF524

· ADSP-BF526

· ADSP-BF527
· ADP2108

· ADP2119

· ADP12x

· ADP1707
· ADP5501

· ADP5520

· ADP8860

· ADP8870
· ADP1612

· ADP2503

· ADP2121

· ADP3050
· ADF702x · ADP121

· ADP150

Ambulatory/Holter Monitor AC-Coupled and Consumer Grade

Monitoring Level 12-Lead ECG Demo System Designed by ADI

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