Accelerometer FIFO Calculator

The Accelerometer FIFO Over-sampling Calculator is used to determine the necessary over-sampling ratio (OSR) to achieve an increased resolution. Select either the ADXL345 or ADXL346, and select whether you need to meet a system bandwidth requirement, or simply have a fixed accelerometer bandwidth you need to accomplish. Set the bandwidth, resolution, and max watermark inputs which meet your criteria, then hit the calculate button. The tool will determine how you should configure the accelerometer inorder to reach your input requirements, and calculate some output specifications using that configuration. For more detailed information about this tool please check out the complete document.

Input Parameters
3-Axis digital accelerometer, user programmable input range.
3-Axis ultra-low power digital accelerometer, user programmable input range.
Bandwidth Selection
Choose this if you're limited by the accelerometer bandwidth.
Choose this if you need to satisfy a specific system bandwidth.


Tool Recommendations
Accelerometer Configurations
Parameters Output Register Address Register Value  
Set FIFO Samples --- 0x38
Accelerometer Bandwidth --- 0x2C
Read FIFO ---    
Right Shift Data ---    

Output Specifications
System Bandwidth ---
RMS Noise ---  
Accelerometer Current ---  
Oversampling Ratio ---

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