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The SDP Breakout Board is an interposer board for the System Demonstration Platform (SDP). It provides a means to monitor each of the SDP 120 pin connector’s signals individually. Each of the 120 signals on the connector interface is exposed on the breakout board using through hole probe points.

The SDP Breakout Board has a 120 pin receptacle connector for connecting to the SDP controller boards 120 pin header connector. This allows the SDP Breakout Board to connect to the SDP-B. It also has a 120 pin header connector to allow a daughter board designed for the SDP to be connected onto the Breakout Board. In this way the Breakout Board can simultaneously connect to an SDP controller and daughter board allowing the user to monitor the signals travelling between the two boards.

The System Demonstration Platform is a collection of controller boards, interposer boards, and daughter boards, used for easy, low cost evaluation of ADI components and reference circuits. For a general overview of the entire platform visit the System Demonstration Platform homepage www.analog.com/sdp.

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