Features and Benefits

  • Highly Integrated Solution with Integrated Shield Inductor
  • Wide 4.5V to 42V Input Range
  • Preset 3.3V Output with a Fixed Resistor-Divider on FB (Feedback Pin)
  • Programmable Output-Voltage Feature (0.9V to 12V)
  • Up to 2.5A Output Current
  • High 91.2% Efficiency (VIN = 12V, VOUT = 3.3V at 0.74A)
  • 500kHz Switching Frequency
  • Enable/UVLO Input, Resistor-Programmable UVLO Threshold
  • Adjustable Soft-Start Time
  • Selectable PWM, PFM, or DCM Mode
  • Open-Drain Active-Low RESET Output
  • External Frequency Synchronization
  • Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection
  • Low-Profile, Surface-Mount Components
  • Lead(Pb)-Free and RoHS Compliant
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAXM17543 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a demonstration circuit of MAXM17543 high-voltage, high-efficiency, current-mode scheme, synchronous step-down DC-DC switching power module. The EV kit is designed for a 3.3V output and delivers up to 2.5A load current from a wide input-voltage range of 4.5V to 42V. The EV kit switches at an optimal 500kHz switching frequency to allow the use of small component-sizes, helping to minimize solution-size while maintaining high-performance. The EV kit provides a precision-enable input, an open-drain active-low RESET output signal, and external frequency synchronization to provide a simple and reliable startup sequence and eliminate beat frequency between regulators. The EV kit also includes optional component footprints to program different output voltages, an adjustable input undervoltage-lockout, and a soft-start time to control inrush current during startup. The MAXM17543 IC data sheet provides a complete description of the part and should be read in conjunction with this data sheet prior to modifying the demonstration circuit.


  • Base Station Point-of-Load Regulator
  • Distributed Supply Regulation
  • FPGA and DSP Point-of-Load Regulator
  • HVAC and Building Control
  • Industrial Power Supplies

Applicable Parts