Features and Benefits

  • 12 Channels of Programmable Gamma Voltages with 10-Bit Resolution
  • Programmable VCOM Voltage with 10-Bit Resolution
  • Programmable Reference for DACs
  • Multiple-Time Programmable Memory to Store Gamma and VCOM Codes
  • Switching Between Two Memory Banks (Gamma Curves and VCOM Voltages)
  • USB Powered (Cable Included)
  • Windows XP-, Windows Vista-, and Windows 7-Compatible Software
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX9679 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the MAX9679 programmable reference-voltage generator for gamma correction and a programmable reference voltage for VCOM adjustment in TFT-LCDs. All gamma and VCOM reference voltages have a 10-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and high-current buffer that reduce the recovery time of the output voltages when critical levels and patterns are displayed. The IC provides two independent sets of gamma curves and VCOM codes that can be stored in the IC's volatile memory. The BKSEL selects between the two sets and can be toggled through the graphical user interface (GUI) and/or through jumpers. The IC has multiple-time programmable (MTP) memory to store gamma and VCOM codes on the IC, which can be demonstrated through the GUI.

The EV kit includes a USB-to-I²C interface circuit. The EV kit is configured to operate entirely off the USB power. No external supply is required. For current measurements or isolated supplies, jumpers are provided for user-supplied power.

The EV kit includes Windows XP®-, Windows Vista®-, and Windows® 7-compatible software with a GUI for exercising the IC's features. The EV kit can also connect to a user-supplied I²C interface circuit for stand-alone IC operation.


  • TFT LCDs