Features and Benefits

  • +7V to +24V Input Range
  • Wide Brightness Adjustment Range
  • Open Lamp Protection with 1.2s Timeout
  • Secondary Short-Circuit Protection
  • Lamp Status Output
  • Brightness Adjustable Through SMBus Interface
  • Strike Voltage Up to 1.2kV
  • High Power to Light Efficiency
  • I²C/SMBus Compatible
  • Easy-to-Use Menu-Driven Software
  • Assembled and Tested
  • Includes Windows 95/98/2000/XP-Compatible Software and Demo PC Board

Product Details

The MAX8709 evaluation system is an assembled and tested PC board that demonstrates the MAX8709 high efficiency, wide brightness range, CCFL backlight controller. Lamp brightness is adjustable through the SMBus™ interface.

The system includes the Maxim command module (CMOD232) and a MAX8709 evaluation kit (EV kit). The CMOD232 board connects to a computer's RS-232 serial port to provide a computer-controlled SMBus/I²C bus. Windows® 95/98/2000/XP-compatible software provides a user-friendly interface to exercise the features of the MAX8709. The program is menu driven and offers a graphics interface with control buttons and status display.


  • Automotive Displays
  • LCD Monitors
  • LCD TVs
  • Notebook Computer Displays