Features and Benefits

  • 1.8V, 500mA, 2.5MHz Step-Down DC-DC Converter
  • Up to 92% High-Efficiency Step-Down Converter
  • Internal Synchronous Rectifier
  • Two Low-Noise, 300mA LDOs with Jumper-Selectable Output Voltages
  • 30ms (min) Active-Low RESET Output Signal
  • Demonstrates Hands-Free Enabling
  • Power Sequencing and On/Off Control Logic
  • Overcurrent and Thermal Protection
  • Tiny 3mm x 3mm, 14-Pin TDFN Package with Exposed Pad
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX8620Y evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested printed-circuit board (PCB) that evaluates the MAX8620Y power-management IC. The MAX8620Y IC features a 500mA adjustable step-down DC-DC converter, two 300mA low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs), and a reset function.

The MAX8620Y EV kit is configured to operate over a 2.7V to 5.5V input range. The MAX8620Y EV kit stepdown converter's output voltage is configured for 1.8V at 500mA, and the two LDOs can be configured through jumpers to nine different output voltages in the 1.8V to 3.3V range. This makes the MAX8620Y suitable for DSP or microprocessor (µP) power-management applications in handsets, PDAs, smartphones, and other portable applications.


  • Cellular Handsets
  • Microprocessor and DSP Solutions including MSM™, Intel XScale™, ARM™, and OMAP™
  • PDAs
  • Smartphones/PDA Phones
  • Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs)

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