Features and Benefits

  • N+1 Redundant System for a 3V to 13.2V Bus (1V Circuit Operation with Reconfiguration)
  • Eliminates ORing Diode Power Dissipation
  • Adjustable Reverse-Voltage-Detection Threshold
  • Adjustable Undervoltage Threshold (Configured to 3.0V)
  • Adjustable Overvoltage Threshold (Configured to 13.2V)
  • OVP_ and PGOOD_ Status Indicators
  • Supports Up to 20A of Load Current
  • Simulates Catastrophic Fault Conditions at the Inputs
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX5079 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the functionality of the MAX5079 ORing MOSFET controller in a parallel-connected power-supply system. The EV kit circuit is configured to connect two power supplies in parallel using ORing MOSFETs to simulate a fault condition, and to depict the isolation of the bus during the fault condition. The EV kit is configured for 3.0V to 12.6V input operation. The external undervoltage-lockout threshold is configured to 3.0V, and the overvoltage threshold is configured to 13.2V. Operation down to 1V is possible with circuit reconfiguration and an additional auxiliary power supply. The MAX5079 controller, along with an n-channel MOSFET, provides the functionality of a diode with an extremely low forward-voltage drop.

The MAX5079 controllers on the EV kit monitor the respective input voltages at VIN1 and VIN2 with respect to the power bus voltage VBUS. When the VIN_ voltage rises above the VBUS voltage, the MOSFET is quickly turned on. If either VIN_ power-supply voltage falls below VBUS, the MAX5079 discharges the MOSFET gate with 2A (typ) sink current and turns off the MOSFET within 200ns (typ), effectively isolating the bus.


  • Base-Station Line Cards
  • N+1 Redundant Power Systems
  • Networking Line Cards
  • Paralleled DC-DC Converter Modules
  • RAID
  • Servers

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