Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates the MAX38642A in a 6-Pin WLP
  • 1.8V to 5.5V Input Range
  • 1.0V to 3.3V Configurable Output Voltage
  • Up to 350mA Output Current
  • Proven 2-Layer 1oz Copper PCB Layout
  • Demonstrates Compact Solution Size
  • Fully Assemble and Tested

Product Details

The MAX38642A evaluation kit (EV kit) evaluates the MAX38642A, an ultra-low quiescent current step-down DC-DC converter in a WLP. The EV kit operates over an input range of 1.8V to 5.5V, and provides resistorconfigurable output voltages from 1.0V to 3.3V. The EV kit delivers up to 350mA of current depending on the input voltage to the output voltage ratio.

The EV kit comes with the MAX38642AENT+ installed.


  • Portable Space-Constrained Consumer Products
  • Single Li-ion and Coin Cell Battery Products
  • Wearable devices, Ultra-Low-Power IoT, NB IoT, and BLE
  • Wired, Wireless, Industrial Products