Features and Benefits

  • Low On-Voltage 3.9V (typ)
  • Low Leakage Current 3pA (typ)
  • Fast Turn-On < 2ns
  • High Peak Current in Excess of 4A
  • Withstands Over 100k Defibrillation Pulses Without Failure

Product Details

The MAX30034 evaluation kit (EV Kit) provides a convenient way to evaluate the MAX30034 defibrillation/surge/ ESD protector. The MAX30034 is designed to absorb repetitive defibrillation and other high-energy pulses to protect sensitive electronic circuitry in ECG and other medical/industrial equipment.


  • AED Units
  • Clinical Patient Monitoring
  • Fixed Broadband Wireless Access
  • Industrial Equipment Protection
  • Wearable Medical

Applicable Parts

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