Features and Benefits

  • Low-Cost Current-Mode Controllers
  • Fixed-Frequency Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM)
  • 0.8V (min) Output Voltage
  • Operates from Low 3V Input Voltage
  • MAX1953
    1MHz Switching Frequency
    Small Component Size, Low Cost
    Adjustable Current Limit
  • MAX1954
    3V to 13.2V Input Voltage
    93% Efficiency
    300kHz Switching Frequency
  • Shutdown Feature
  • All n-Channel MOSFET Design for Low Cost
  • No Current-Sense Resistor Needed
  • Internal Digital Soft-Start
  • Surface-Mount Components
  • Thermal-Overload Protection
  • Small 10-Pin µMAX® Package
  • MAX1953/MAX1954 Circuit Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Product Details

    The MAX1953 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates two low-cost, buck-controller application circuits. The MAX1953 application circuit features an adjustable current limit. The 1MHz switching frequency renders a small footprint. The MAX1954 application circuit operates from a 3V to 13.2V input voltage range and is adjustable independent of the supply voltage. The MAX1954 switches at 300kHz and boasts 93% efficiency with the supplied components.

    This EV kit comes with the MAX1953 and MAX1954 evaluation circuits fully assembled and tested.


    • Graphic Cards and Video Cards
    • Low-Voltage Distributed Power
    • Microprocessor Core Supplies
    • PCs and Servers
    • Printers and Scanners
    • Telecommunications and Networking