Features and Benefits

  • Simple Stand-Alone Li+ Charger
  • Safely Pre-Charges Deeply-Discharged Cells
  • Top-Off Charging to Achieve Full Battery Capacity
  • Fully Assembled and Tested
  • Product Details

    The MAX1898 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a complete, fully assembled and tested single-cell lithium-ion (Li+) battery charger. The EV kit charges a single Li+ battery to 4.2V using a power supply with an output voltage of 4.7V to 12V. At input voltages greater than 6V, the allowed charging current may be limited by the power-dissipation rating of the external MOSFET. Jumpers on the EV kit allow simple adjustment to the total charging time and charger restart voltage levels. An LED indicates the cell's charging status. To charge a Li+ battery to 4.1V, replace the MAX1898 (U1) IC on the EV kit board with the MAX1898EUB41.


    • Cell Phones
    • Cradle Chargers
    • PDAs
    • Self-Charging Battery Packs
    • Single-Cell Li+ Powered Portables

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