Features and Benefits

  • Evaluates MAX187 and MAX189
  • Complete Evaluation System Includes EV Kit and 68HC16 µC Module
  • 12-Bit Resolution ADC
  • QSPI Serial Interface
  • 0V to 4.096V Input Range
  • Internal Reference Voltage (MAX187)
  • Low-Supply-Current Shutdown Mode
  • Complete Source Code provided
  • Proven PC Board Layout
  • Convenient Test Points Provided on Board
  • User Prototype Area
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX187 evaluation system (EV system) consists of a MAX187 evaluation kit (EV kit) board plus a Maxim 68HC16 microcontroller (µC) module. Both boards come fully assembled and tested, and software is provided. The unit connects to an IBM-compatible personal computer.

The EV system can function as a data acquisition system, collecting samples from the MAX187, storing them in memory, and displaying the conversion results on the host computer. Conversions may be self-timed or synchronized to an external timebase. Waveforms can be digitized and displayed graphically versus time.

The EV system can also evaluate the MAX187's shutdown feature, and has provisions for monitoring the supply current in the various modes of operation (internal reference, external reference, or power-down).

Order the EV system (MAX187EVC16-DIP) for comprehensive evaluation of the MAX187 or MAX189. Order the stand-alone EV kit (MAX187EV KIT-DIP) for custom use or if the 68HC16 module (68HC16MODULE-DIP) has already been purchased with another Maxim EV system. The MAX187 EV kit can also be used to perform limited evaluation on a stand-alone basis (see the MAX187 EV Kit Quick Start section). The EV system requires an external DC power source (such as a 12V DC wall transformer) and an IBM-compatible computer with a serial port and a 5 1/4" disk drive. To evaluate the MAX189, order the MAX187EVC16-DIP plus a free sample of the MAX189BCPA.


  • High-Accuracy Process Control
  • Isolated Data Acquisition
  • Portable Data Logging
  • Remote Digital Signal Processing

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