Features and Benefits

  • 3V Up to 8V Input Voltage Range
  • 87% Peak Efficiency at 5V Input
  • 8V up to 2A Output
  • Demonstrates External Clock Synchronization
  • Spread Spectrum Optimizes EMI Performance
  • Demonstrates SUP UVLO
  • Thermal-Shutdown Protection
  • PGOOD Flag
  • Demonstrates Dynamic Adjustable Output
  • Demonstrates 2.2MHz Single/Two-Phase Operation
  • Compact 1240mil × 1040mil Overall Circuit Footprint Design (0.775 sq. in.)
  • Proven 4-Layer 2oz. PCB Layout and Thermal Design
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX17292 evaluation kit (EV kit) is a fully assembled and tested PCB that contains a 16W DC-DC boost converter for battery-operated, harsh environment, front-end preboost applications. The MAX17292 integrates a low-side FET driver and current-mode, control-loop circuitry for output-voltage regulation, making it ideal for boost or SEPIC converters. The MAX17292’s integrated driver switches at 2.2MHz. The device can be synchronized with an external clock source within the 1MHz to 2.5MHz range.


The EV kit operates from a DC supply voltage of 3V up to 8V. The EV kit can withstand a 16V line transient condition. The EV kit demonstrates the device features, such as dynamic adjustable output voltage, external clock synchronization, two-phase operation configurability, cycle-by-cycle current limit, hiccup mode, and thermal shutdown. The boost converter regulates 8V and can supply a current up to 2A. The EV kit also demonstrates a reference MAX17292 design for battery-operated, harsh environment applications.


  • Distributed Supply Regulation
  • General-Purpose Point-of-Load
  • Offline Power Supplies
  • Telecom Hardware

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