Features and Benefits

  • Wide 6V to 36V Input Supply Range
  • Forced-PWM or Skip-Mode Operation
  • Configurable Switching Frequency
  • Current-Mode Controller with Force-PWM and Skip Modes
  • 86% Peak Efficiency at 12V Input in Skip-Mode
  • 89% Peak Efficiency at 12V Input in Forced-PWM
  • FSYNC Input and Power-Good Output
  • Proven 4-Layer 2oz Copper PCB Layout
  • Demonstrates 1065mil × 795mil Solution Size
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX17244 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the MAX17244 high-voltage, current-mode step-down converter with low operating current. The EV kit operates over a wide 6V to 36V input range and the output is set for 5V at 2.5A. The EV Kit switching frequency is set at 1.66MHz.

The EV kit comes with the MAX17244ETESA+ installed.


  • Distributed Supply Regulation
  • General-Purpose Point-of-Load
  • Wall Transformer Regulation

Applicable Parts

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