Features and Benefits

  • High Speed, Accuracy, and Efficiency
  • Fast-Response QUICK-PWM™ Architecture
  • 7V to 24V Input Voltage Range
  • 1.25V to 2V Output Voltage Range
  • 7A Peak Load-Current Capability (5.5A Continuous)
  • 93% Efficient (VOUT = 2V, VBATT = 7V, ILOAD = 4A)
  • 300kHz Switching Frequency
  • No Current-Sense Resistor
  • Remote GND and VOUT Sensing
  • Power-Good Output
  • 24-Pin QSOP Package
  • Low-Profile Components
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX1710 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the data sheet’s standard 7A notebook CPU application circuit (see MAX1710/MAX1711 data sheet). This DC-DC converter steps down high-voltage batteries and/or AC adapters, generating a precision, low-voltage CPU core VCC rail.

The circuit was designed for a 7V to 24V battery range, but accommodates from 4.5V to 24V. Some parameters, such as load-transient response and maximum thermal load capability, may be degraded by going outside the 7V to 24V range. The continuous output current rating, based on worst-case MOSFET RDS(ON), heat sinking, and other thermal stress issues, is 5.5A at TA = +70°C.

This EV kit is a fully assembled and tested circuit board. It also allows the evaluation of the MAX1711.


  • CPU Core DC-DC Converters
  • Docking Stations
  • Notebook Computers
  • Single-Stage (BATT to VCORE) Converters
  • Two-Stage (+5V to VCORE) Converters