Features and Benefits

  • 3.5V to 36V Input Voltage Range
  • 3.3V at 300mA Output
  • 2µA Quiescent Current in Standby Mode (Internal Divider Versions Only)
  • Fixed 2.1MHz Switching Frequency
  • Forced-PWM or Skip Mode Operation
  • Active-Low RESET Output
  • Proven PCB Layout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested

Product Details

The MAX16956 evaluation kit (EV kit) demonstrates the MAX16956 36V, 300mA, 2µA ultra-low quiescent current, synchronous buck converter with integrated high-side and low-side switches. The EV kit operates over a wide input range of 3.5V to 36V, while using only 2µA quiescent current at no load (internal divider versions). The EV kit has a switching frequency of 2.1MHz and a voltage output of 3.3V at 300mA. The EV kit comes standard with the fixed 3.3V output version, but can easily be modified to evaluate the 5V or the programmable output versions of the MAX16956.
The EV kit features selectable jumpers to enable/disable (JU2) the device, as well as to select either forced-PWM or skip modes of operation (JU1). The EV kit provides an active-low RESET test point to monitor the voltage quality of the device.


  • Automotive Body ECUs
  • Distributed DC Power Systems
  • Point-of-Load Applications

Applicable Parts

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