Features and Benefits

  • 12V Nominal Operating Voltage
  • Up to 120A Load Current Capability
  • Resistor-Configurable Overcurrent Threshold
  • Resistor-Configurable Undervoltage Lockout
  • Power-Good Output
  • PMBus Configuration, Control, and Monitoring

Product Details

This evaluation kit (EV kit) serves as a reference for evaluating Maxim’s MAX16545B/MAX16545C integrated protection ICs on a 12V bus. The MAX16545B/MAX16545C are circuit-breaker protection ICs with an integrated low resistance MOSFET and lossless current sense circuitry featuring PMBus control and reporting.

The MAX16545BEVKIT120# is assembled with two MAX16543 follower ICs, increasing the total current capability to 120A. One or both follower ICs can be removed to reduce the capability to 90A or 60A in a smaller footprint.

With appropriate changes to external components, this EV kit can be used to evaluate many of Maxim’s monolithic hot-swap and protection devices, such as the MAX16550, MAX16545, and MAX16551.


  • Integrated Protection IC on 12V: Circuit Breaker, Hot Swap, Inrush Control
  • Servers, Networking, Storage, Communication Equipment and AC/DC Power Supplies