Product Details

Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) provide accurate measurement and conversion of signals to digital format for sensing in many electronic applications such as industrial, medical, and sensor systems. The MAX11410 is a high-speed, 24-bit Delta-Sigma ADC.

The MAX11410 EMC evaluation board is a test platform for rapid prototyping and EMC evaluation of the MAX11410 (a 24-bit, 1.9ksps, Delta-Sigma ADC). The MAX11410 EMC EV kit includes an Arduino™-compatible microcontroller system, which performs stand-alone data logging. It also comes with schematics, design files, and firmware for immediate use and forking to future projects.

The board comes with firmware already loaded (source code is provided). The board’s firmware can be customized and loaded using the standard Arduino tools.

The board comes with MAX11410ATI+ installed.


  • Portable Instruments
  • Resistive Bridge Measurement
  • Sensor Measurement

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