Product Details

The Evaluation Controller Board (EVAL-CONTROL BOARD) is the main component in a complete self-contained evaluation and demonstration platform for Analog Devices precision analog-to-digital converters. The DSP-based controller board provides control and processing capability to configure and capture data from a range of ADC evaluation boards. Software for control, capture and processing of data in a PC environment is provided with each of the individual ADC evaluation boards. The 12V ac mains-powered power supply block comes in three regional options and should be ordered when ordering the Evaluation Controller Board. For US and Japan, the model number is EVAL-110VAC-US; for Europe it is EVAL-220VAC-EU and for the UK, it is EVAL-220VAC-UK. Other regions in the world should order as per mains voltage requirements: either the 100 V-120 V or 200-240 V mains voltage standards. Two versions of the Evaluation Controller Board are available, EVAL-CONTROL BRD2 and EVAL-CONTROL BRD3. Functionality on both boards is the same. The difference between the boards is the speed of the clock used on the on-board DSP and the memory size. Individual product evaluation board web pages and datasheets will identify which version of the Evaluation Controller Board is compatible with any particular product.