Features and Benefits

  • Standard single-ended interfacing
  • Differential interfacing available
  • Supply voltage(s) easily applied to test loop(s)
  • Dual-supply capable
  • Analog gain control applied to test loop

Product Details

This user guide describes the ADRF6521-EVALZ kit for the ADRF6521 dual-channel variable gain amplifier (VGA) and how to configure the evaluation board to evaluate the ADRF6521 in a single-ended and differential configuration.

The ADRF6521-EVALZ allows the user to test all the functions and features offered by the ADRF6521 including analog gain control, output common-mode control, and output dc offset control. Signal path traces are matched and are intuitively laid out on the four corners of the evaluation board, providing easy interfacing with other evaluation boards.

A full description and complete specifications for the ADRF6521 are provided in the ADRF6521 data sheet and must be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.

Applicable Parts

Getting Started


  • 6 GHz signal generator
  • 6 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • 6 GHz spectrum analyzer
  • 3-channel power supply
  • Single-supply setup requires 250 mA on 1 channel
  • Dual-supply setup requires 250 mA on 2 channels and capable of sinking current for the negative supply voltage
  • Digital multimeter/voltmeter
  • VNA


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