Product Details

The ADPD2212 is an optical sensor with a IR cut filter that is optimized for biomedical applications. Very low power consumption and near theoretical signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) are achieved by packaging an ultralow capacitance deep junction silicon photodiode operated in zero bias photoconductive mode with a low noise current amplifier. The ADPD2212 offers a typical 400 kHz bandwidth performance, which is well suited for use with pulsed excitation. The ADPD2212 uses very little power during operation and incorporates a power-down pin, enabling power cycling to optimize battery life in portable applications. The ADPD2212 provides shot noise limited performance, making it an excellent choice for measuring signals with the highest possible fidelity in low light conditions. This combination of low power, very high SNR, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) immunity enables low power system solutions not possible with traditional photodiode (PD) and transimpedance amplifier (TIA) systems.

The EVALZ-ADPD2212 evaluation board provides an easy way to evaluate the device. Complete information about the ADPD2212 is available in the ADPD2212 data sheet, along with the schematic and layout of the evaluation board.

Applicable Parts