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The evaluation system is composed of a motherboard and a daughterboard. The motherboard provides the I2C signals from the computer USB port and generates the I/O voltages and digital high and low signals for the daughterboard. For temperature measurement, the daughterboard can be either plugged directly into the motherboard or connected to the motherboard via the ribbon cable provided with the evaluation kit.

The motherboard features a 3.3 V regulator and a 1.8 V regulator. The jumpers on the bottom left of the motherboard set the VIC voltage, which is the I2C voltage for the control pins. Users can choose among the 1.8 V, 3.3 V, or 5 V USB or the external VBAT as the supply voltage for the daughterboard.

The daughterboard contains numerous jumpers and test points for easy evaluation of the board. Also included with the kit are two current probes that can be plugged directly into jumper heads to measure currents with current probes.

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