Features and Benefits

  • Full featured evaluation board for the ADA4523-1
  • Enables efficient prototyping
  • User defined circuit configuration
  • Edge mounted SMA connector provisions
  • Shutdown function for low power application

Product Details

The EVAL-ADA4523-1ARMZ allows the evaluation of the ADA4523-1 single-channel, 8-lead, micro small outline package (MSOP) operational amplifier. The ADA4523-1 in this evaluation board is configured as a noninverting amplifier with a gain of 101. The ADA4523-1 has a typical gain bandwidth product of 4 MHz. When using a gain of 101, the useable bandwidth of the ADA4523-1 is limited to approximately 39.6 kHz. This limitation in bandwidth acts as a low-pass filter that rejects the artifacts generated by the 330 kHz internal chopping frequency of the ADA4523-1.

The EVAL-ADA4523-1 layout lessens the thermocouple effects of the trace and components that introduce offset voltages greater than the maximum offset voltage of the ADA4523-1 by carefully constructing the nodes connected to the inverting and noninverting inputs. The ADA4523-1 also features a shutdown mode for low power applications. Test point provisions for the SD and SD_COM pins are placed on the EVAL-ADA4523- 1ARMZ to easily use the shutdown function. 

The EVAL-ADA4523-1ARMZ mainly consists of 0805 sized resistors and capacitors to ensure simple installation except for the bypass capacitors. The 10 µF bypass capacitors (C1 and C4) have a 2220 package size to accommodate a higher voltage rating because the ADA4523-1 has a maximum supply of 55 V. For full details on the ADA4523-1, see the ADA4523-1 data sheet, which must be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the EVAL-ADA4523-1ARMZ.

Equipment Needed

  • Dual output power supply
  • Signal generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • 3 banana jack to grabber cables
  • 2 SMA to BNC male cables

Applicable Parts


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