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Demonstration circuit 849B is a 750mA, 1.2MHz Synchronous Boost Converter with Reverse Battery Protection featuring the LTC3499BEDD. The LTC3499"B" has Burst Mode disabled and will continuously switch at light loads. The demo board demonstrates a DC/DC boost converter, with a 750mA switch current limit, providing a jumper-selectable 3.3V output at 250mA from a two cell input voltage, or a 5V output at 170mA from either a two cell or a Li-ion battery.The input range is 1.8V to 3V when the output is 3.3V and the output current can be up to 500mA depending on the input voltage. The input range is 1.8V to 4.2V when the output is 5V and the output current can be as high as 480mA.

The LTC3499BEDD offers integrated reverse battery protection up to –6V for both the part and the load, drawing typically less than 1µA of current.


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