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Demonstration Circuit 2741 is an adapter shield that enables Analog Devices evaluation boards to interface with various Arduino-compatible platform boards for hardware prototyping and software development purposes. DC2741 is not intended to drive design decisions, but rather to speed the code development, evaluation, and prototyping process, if the eval board for the device being evaluated and the platform board are both compatible with the DC2741. 

Assembly type A is specific to the Analog Devices DC2026 “Linduino” platform (an Arduino Uno clone with QuikEval expansion header). It allows the DC2026 to communicate with Analog Devices’ 120-pin System Demonstration Platform (SDP), PMOD SPI, and PMOD I2C-compatible eval boards. Level-shifted SPI, I2C, and general-purpose I/O signals from the DC2026 controller are routed to the 120-pin SDP connector and PMOD connectors, with a logic voltage level determined by the DC2026’s onboard level-shifting circuitry (jumper-selectable 2.5V, 3.3V, 5V, or externally supplied.) Some of the possible combinations include: 

  • Linduino (DC2026) to 120SDP (for example, EVAL-AD5686RSDZ)
  • Linduino (DC2026) to SPI PMOD (for example, EVAL-ADXL355-PMDZ)

Assembly type B is compatible with most Arduino Uno form-factor platform boards, as well as small form-factor Due and Mega boards. SPI, I2C, and GPIO signals are routed directly from the Arduino headers. Thus, the logic level of these signals will be determined by the controller: 5V if a standard Arduino Uno R3 is used, 3.3V if an Arduino Zero is used, etc. Some of the possible combinations include:

  • Small form-factor Arduino Due to QuikEval (for example, DC2025 for the LTC2668 DAC)
  • EVAL-ADICUP3029 to QuikEval (for example, DC934 for LTC2607 and LTC2422)

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