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The DC2424A is a 36V synchronous dual LED driver with I2C featuring the LT3964. It drives two separate LEDs (or channels of LEDs) at 1A when VIN is between 5V and 36V. DC2424A runs at 2MHz switching frequency. Its two channels can drive separate LED strings which can have different currents, voltages, or dimming ratios. It can be controlled with I2C communications or it can be run in non-I2C mode with proper ADDR pin settings. It is protected against both open and short LED conditions and reports the faults. In I2C mode, faults can be enabled or disabled. Up to 9 different DC2424As can be placed on the same I2C bus with unique addresses. A graphical user interface (GUI) is available through QuikEval when connected to a DC2026C Linduino® One demo circuit.

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