Analog Devices Express (ADX)

Custom Device Programming

Analog Devices Express (ADX) allows you to take an LTpowerPlay® custom configuration for any of our supported devices and order parts that arrive pre-programmed to your specifications. ADI will assign a unique part number to your device that will only be visible to you. Optionally, your parts can be labelled with a custom top mark.

After approving the initial configuration (first articles), you can reorder pre-programmed parts through the ADX portal (quantities < 500), and/or initiate a request to move to production-level quantities.

Benefits of your ADX account

Once you have an ADX account you will be able to:

  • Order new configurations
  • Reorder existing configurations
  • Sign your First Article Approval Forms, and
  • Initiate a request to move to production-level quantities

You will also have access to a custom dashboard, which will allow you to track the status of your orders in real time as well as keep records of your current and previous orders. You must already have an ADX portal account and be logged in to view your dashboard.

Analog Devices Express Customer Guide

If you're new to the ADX program and don't have an FAE, start by reviewing our customer guide. This guide will cover all the steps needed to create your account, enter and monitor your programming requests, and even how to contact our support team.

Ready to get started?

Request a new ADX account

Log in to the ADX portal



ADX Support is available throughout the process for ordering and technical support. Before reaching out, please consult the FAQs below to see if your question has already been answered. If you still need help, please log in to the portal and initiate an ADI Device Programming Support ticket. If you do not have an account yet, please reach out to our Device Programming team. They can help you set up an account and answer any preliminary questions you may have.

In addition to support, it is the goal of the ADX team to provide you with the best service possible. If you have feedback on our service or process, please let us know.

You must be logged in first to enter a support ticket. Click the link above to log in.

Enter a new support ticket

I don’t have an ADX Account


Which parts are supported by the program?


To see a full list of our products that are supported by ADX's custom device programming, see our supported parts list.

My dashboard is blank, but I’ve ordered parts. What do I do?


If you don’t see the orders you recently entered, please first ensure the status is not “closed”. If it is, you can navigate to the “Closed Orders” section of your dashboard to find the order. Leave a comment for the ADX Ops team if this should not be closed.

If the ticket is not appearing at all, please enter a support ticket to have this investigated further by our Support team.

I am having trouble logging in to the ADX portal.


If you have successfully activated your account in the past and cannot log in, please send an email to

If you have never logged in, check your inbox for the activation email you should have received with a link to finish activating your account. If you do not see any emails from “Workfront”, double-check your Spam/Junk folder(s) before reaching out to support.

I am a contract manufacturer; what do I need to reorder parts for my customer?

In addition to your own ADX portal account, you will need:
  • The company name of the company you’re supporting for that order
  • The point of contact from that company you’re working with
  • The ES number(s) of the part(s) you’re reordering, and
  • The related project reference number(s).

We cannot accept your reorder request without these items. Please notify the ADX team member that you are a contract manufacturer, and which company you’re working with, when you request a new ADX account.

Which browsers are supported for the portal?


Currently the portal is supported in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE 11. Edge, Opera, and other browsers are not actively supported, but the application may still function with some issues. Use at your discretion.

The portal can also be accessed via mobile browsers on iOS and Android as well as through the Workfront mobile app, which you can download from the Apple App or Google Play Store.