EE-Sim® Power Tools

EE-Sim® Power Tools

Let the online EE-Sim Design Tool design and simulate your power circuit in minutes! To further vet your design before committing to hardware, download the EE-Sim OASIS Simulator which includes both SIMPLIS and SIMetrix SPICE.

EE-Sim DC-to-DC Design and Simulation Tool

The EE-Sim DC-to-DC converter tool uses your requirements to quickly create a complete power design including a schematic, BOM with commercially available parts, and time and frequency domain simulations.


Easy to Use with Rich Functionality for Designers of Any Expertise Level

  • Simple interface empowers novice users
  • Advanced capabilities enable sophisticated tasks by expert users
  • Easy modification and extensive control of simulation settings

Trusted Design Results

  • Recompensates control loop after circuit changes
  • Capacitor values account for DC voltage derating

Fast End-to-End Design Process

  • Ability to track changes and compare design versions
  • Best-in-class waveform viewer
  • Built and tested reference designs provided for copying and modification

EE-Sim OASIS Simulator

To quickly and accurately simulate your circuit designs, Analog Devices offers the EE-Sim OASIS simulation tool. It includes both the SIMPLIS simulation engine, which is the industry’s leading simulator for switched-mode power ICs, and the SIMetrix SPICE simulation engine, known for its robust and speedy convergence.

  • Run simulations off-line (without an internet connection)
  • Add* or move components using the full featured schematic editor
  • Start with ready-to-go schematics, or create a custom design using the online EE-Sim design tool

Download EE-Sim OASIS Simulator

To ‘Check for Updates’, please simply go to the OASIS Simulator Help menu to access the newest version.
*This free tool restricts the circuit size that may be simulated, but the limits are generous enough to allow for real work.

What is SIMPLIS?

SIMPLIS (SIMulation of Piecewise LInear Systems) is a circuit simulator specifically designed to handle the simulation challenges of switching power systems. Like SPICE, SIMPLIS works at the component level but typically can perform a transient analysis of a switching circuit 10 to 50 times faster. For switching power systems, the piecewise linear (PWL) modeling and simulation techniques employed by SIMPLIS result in qualitatively superior convergence behavior compared to SPICE.

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What is SIMetrix?

SIMetrix is a general analog and mixed-signal simulator. It includes an enhanced SPICE simulator, a schematic editor, and a waveform viewer in a unified environment. It is easy to use, offers good accuracy and performance as well as rapid convergence for a broad range of analog and mixed-signal design applications.

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Find Demo Circuits

Explore the entire library of ready-to-run SIMPLIS schematics.

Explore SIMPLIS models

EE-Sim Solution Finder

The EE-Sim Solution Finder is a cutting edge part selection tool that enables you to find the right switching power supply faster. Why is the solution finder better than a parametric search? The solution finder validates your design requirements to ensure the suitability of each recommended part. It also compares the efficiency, size, and cost of each recommended solution—taking into account the complete solution BOM, not just the IC.

EE-Sim Solution Finder

Solution Finder

Make Our Power Design and Simulation Tools Better

Analog Devices would like to hear from tool users about their experience designing power supplies. To qualify just answer a few short questions. If you're selected, you will receive an email invitation from our researchers for a 45-minute online discussion for which you will be rewarded with a $75 Amazon voucher.

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EE-Sim User Manual

This user manual contains detailed instructions for using EE-Sim, ADI’s online tool that enables you to design and simulate a variety of power solutions.

Download User Manual

EE-Sim User Manual

How to Videos

How to Analyze the Duty Cycle of a Converter Using OASIS

Duty cycle can affect the proper regulation of your converter. Learn how Allen quickly analyzes duty cycle using OASIS to ensure design performance.

SIMPLIS vs. SPICE: Which Is Better for Switching Power Conversion Simulation?

SIMPLIS was initially developed because SPICE did not simulate switching converters effectively. In this video, Brooks will demonstrate how SIMPLIS simulates switching power converters much faster, avoids convergence issues commonly found in SPICE, and has a built-in linearizing algorithm that quickly produces accurate frequency domain response curves (Bode plots).

How to Use OASIS to Correlate Bench Measurements with Simulations

Ben walks through how to take accurate power supply bench measurements, and how to import those measurements into OASIS. He then demonstrates how to troubleshoot and verify a design using this method and the MAX17242EVKIT.

Case Study: Design and Optimize Your Power Supply in Under an Hour

See how a senior applications engineer can create a custom DC-to-DC converter design, run simulations, make improvements, and iterate to a hardware-ready design in under an hour using the EE-Sim design tools.

EE-Sim DC-to-DC Tool Overview

See a demonstration of the most commonly used functionality in EE-Sim. Includes opening a new DC-to-DC design, changing design requirements, creating a schematic, running simulations, comparing designs, and generating a report.

How to Get Started Using the EE-SIM OASIS Simulation Tool to Accurately Simulate Your Circuit Designs

Learn how to simulate a switching power circuit using the EE-Sim OASIS Tool. Built on the SIMPLIS simulation engine, the OASIS simulator for switched-mode power ICs provides over 150 power reference designs, which are ready to copy, modify, and simulate.

No More Fuss with Equations: Create a Working Design with EE-Sim

Norberto demonstrates how to use the EE-Sim design and simulation tool to select a DC-to-DC converter that meets your application requirements. He explains how minimum on-time, maximum output current, and duty cycle considerations are used to actively verify your requirements and ensure a working design.

How to Design a Power Supply in 5 Minutes or Less with the EE-Sim Design Tool

In this video, Oliver teaches how to design a power supply in five minutes or less using the online EE-Sim design and simulation tool. The MAX17506 evaluation kit is used to compare simulation results with actual hardware.

EE-Sim Webscope Waveform Viewer

Customize the display of EE-Sim simulation waveforms for optimal analysis. Configurable parameters include signal color, order, and grouping; axis scaling, placement, and synchronization; marker quantity and labels; auto and manual zoom; and formats for saving data.

EE-Sim Sharing Designs

Learn three different ways to share designs with your contacts. Sharing designs is fast, simple, and flexible thanks to the cloud-based nature of EE-Sim.

EE-Sim Simulation

Use the simulation setup window to run up to six simulation types. If desired, customize a variety of simulation settings. Places to access the resulting waveforms.

EE-Sim Working with Components

Review the manufacturer, part number, and key properties for each recommended component in your schematic. Select a different component, or define your own component. How ceramic capacitor performance is derated, and why that is important.

EE-Sim Design Tradeoffs

Prioritize the design size, efficiency, or BOM cost based on your design needs. Learn how this selection is implemented in your schematic.

EE-Sim Design Requirements

How to set the design requirement specifications and create a schematic.

Rapid Power Design for Every Designer

Walk through the online EE-Sim DC-to-DC design and simulation tool. Learn how you need less than 10 minutes to design a switching power supply circuit including schematic, BOM, and simulation results. Over 250 different ICs are supported.